Welcome to Ringside News’ coverage of the historic 2018 Royal Rumble!

Here is the card for tonight’s show:


Men’s Royal Rumble match


Women’s Royal Rumble match

Brock Lesnar vs. Braun Strowman vs. Kane for the Universal title

AJ Styles vs. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn for the WWE championship

Seth Rollins & Jason Jordan vs. The Bar for the Raw Tag Team championship

Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin vs. The Usos for the SmackDown Tag Team titles (Best 2 of 3 falls)

Kickoff show

Bobby Roode’s US Title open challenge

The Revival vs. Gallows and Anderson

Kalisto, Lince Dorado, and Gran Metalik vs. TJP, Jack Gallagher, and Drew Gulak


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Kick-Off Show

Tonight’s Kick-Off show begins with the panel of Renee Young, Peter Rosenberg, David Otunga, and Jerry Lawler. The four analysts sit at the panel in an empty arena in Philadelphia.

Renee shows us Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens backstage talking as fans tweet their questions in for a live Q&A later. We go outside of the arena to Sam Roberts, who is with a bunch of excited fans. Fans chant “Royal Rumble” and “yes!” as Roberts plugs the show. Renee leads us to a video package for the first-ever women’s Royal Rumble match. We come back to the panel and RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss has replaced Otunga. She’s excited about tonight and says part of her wishes she was in the Rumble. Bliss picks best friend Nia Jax to win the Rumble but says at least she would have time to prepare for Asuka this time if she wins. Bliss talks more about the Rumble and WrestleMania 34 as Lawler gives her props. Bliss sends a warning and says it doesn’t matter who wins the Rumble because they will have the pleasure of losing to her at WrestleMania. The panel runs down tonight’s card after Bliss leaves.

We get a backstage Twitter video from The New Day before going backstage to RAW Tag Team Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan. Jordan says there’s no way they can lose tonight as they will break The Bar. Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin walk in and mock Jordan. Jordan gets serious with Gable but they stop and hug, laughing. Rollins leaves Jordan and Gable to catch up. Benjamin also chats with Jordan. Jordan says they were going to call he and Gable The World’s Greatest Tag Team and Benjamin says that sounds like a knockoff. Gable mocks Jordan’s singles career on RAW and Jordan rubs in his title, telling Gable and Benjamin good luck with The Usos. Jordan walks off. The panel discuss tonight’s Tag Team Title matches and give Sheamus props for looking as good as he does at 40.

Renee sends us to a video looking back at the very first Rumble match, with comments from WWE Hall of Famer Hacksaw Jim Duggan. We get a backstage Twitter video from Bayley next. The panel sends us to the ring for our first pre-show match. It’s 205 Live time with Kalisto, Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado out first!

Kalisto, Lince Dorado & Gran Metalik Vs. TJP, Jack Gallagher & Drew Gulak

Gulak takes control after a slow start with Kalisto as he’s not happy with the chants. Kalisto turns it around on the mat but in comes Gallagher. Kalisto tags in Metalik to go at it with Gallagher. They trade holds and Metalik rolls him up for a 2 count. Gallagher goes to the floor for a breather and some trash talking. Gallagher tags TJP in. TJP goes at it with Lince as he tags in. Lince takes control and tags Kalisto back in for more offense on TJP. Kalisto with a quick pin attempt. Kalisto and TJP run the ropes and go at it but Kalisto nails a dropkick. Lince comes off the top for a double team on TJP. Lince with chops now.

Lince unloads on TJP and hits a standing moonsault for a 2 count. TJP ends up on the apron but Lince dropkicks him to the floor. The masked cruiserweights hit a big triple team move from the top to their opponents on the floor. We go to a break.

Back from the break and TJP dropkicks Lince out of mid-air, allowing the heels to take control and take turns on Lince. Gallagher comes in and keeps focusing on the leg. Gulak tags in and knocks Metalik off the apron. Gulak takes over on Lince now and works him over in the corner. TJP comes in and double teams the leg with Gulak. Fans try to rally for Lince as TJP keeps him grounded for another 2 count, and two more while they’re on the mat. Lince comes back with a pin attempt of his own. TJP blocks a tag and sends Lince out to the floor. TJP brings it back in the ring for a 2 count.

Gallagher tags back in and keeps Lince down. Gallagher wastes time on the second rope and ends up falling on his face. Gulak tags in as does Metalik. They go at it. Metalik unloads and goes to the top. Metalik walks the rope and nails a big elbow drop for a 2 count as Gallagher breaks the pin. Kalisto tags in and nails Gulak and Gallagher with a kick. Lince nails a double springboard stunner on them next. Metalik runs the ropes and hits a big dive on Gulak and Gallagher. Kalisto covers Gulak for a close 2 count.

TJP tags in as Kalisto kicks Gulak out of the ring. Kalisto counters the Detonation Kick. They trade moves and roll-ups in a quick sequence, then Kalisto reverses TJP and hits Salida del Sol for the pin!

Winners: Lince Dorado, Gran Metalik & Kalisto

Good kick-off match. After the match, the winners celebrate as they walk up the ramp. Meanwhile, TJP argues with his partners in the ring as we go back to the panel.

SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair has joined the panel and says she wishes she was in the women’s Royal Rumble. Flair says she even considered entering the contest so she could face Alexa Bliss and win both brand’s women’s titles. She says she’s ‘the money match’, so whoever wins will want to pick her. She picks out Becky Lynch – her friend who knows her weaknesses – Nikki Bella, who she says has some animosity for her, as the last Divas Champion before her, plus Sasha Banks, The Boss who always brings out the best in her, as potential opponents she’d like to face…“Asuka – I want to break her streak.”

We’re backstage with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn now, who tonight challenge AJ Styles for the WWE Championship in a 2-on-1 handicap match. They’re in the social media lounge, but are being pretty anti-social with the questions and berating Renee Young, who is hosting the segment. They say they will become the first co-WWE Champions. Owens refuses to answer questions from Pete Rosenberg, but says he will from The King, and comments on how Jerry Lawler eliminated Max Moon from the 1993 rumble, which gets a laugh. They are mocking people who tweeted them with tweets full of spelling errors, which seems fair enough to me. Owens says Rosenberg is paying WWE to be on the panel and needs deleting, then they make the Matt Hardy motion. Kevin says the “road to KO mania kicks off tonight”. It is revealed their match will start the show. Owens says people in Canada are so excited for him and starts speaking in French.

We see highlights of the 1995 Royal Rumble, in which HBK Shawn Michaels entered first and won the whole show. We’ve seen that clip a million times but it never gets old and hearing HBK narrate over it makes it even better.

We’re back to ringside for more pre-show action. The Club’s Anderson and Gallows are out first, minus Finn Balor as he is preparing for the Rumble match.

Gallows & Anderson Vs. The Revival

Anderson starts off with Dash and they go right to the corner for a tag to Dawson. They go at it and Dawson looks to take control but Anderson dropkicks him. Anderson works on the arm and tags in Gallows for a double team backdrop. Dawson rolls to the floor to regroup with Wilder.

Gallows waits and in comes Wilder off a tag. Dash distracts the referee while Dawson comes in and rakes the eyes of Gallows. Dawson sends Gallows into the knee of Dash and tags him in. Dash unloads in the corner but Gallows rocks him and comes out of it. Gallows no-sells another shot and launches Dash into the corner for big body shots. Gallows looks for a Irish whip into a big boot but Dawson pulls Dash from the ring and The Revival regroup on the floor as we head to a break.

Back from the break and Dawson takes control of Anderson after Anderson doesn’t see a tag. Dawson keeps control until Dash comes in to keep the assault going. Anderson breaks out of a hold but Dawson tags back in and goes right to work on him, still focusing on the leg.

More back and forth between the two teams. Anderson finally nails a Spinebuster on Dash but he kicks out. Gallows ends up on the floor with Dawson. Gallows runs into the ring post after Dawson ducks. The Revival double teams Anderson and takes his knee out for the pin.

Winners: The Revival

After the match, Anderson sells the injury in the ring as Gallows stands with him while The Revival stands tall on the ramp. Their loss at the Raw 25th anniversary show has been avenged.

We return to the panel as they go over tonight’s entire card. We get more discussion for tonight’s show and a backstage Twitter video from Rusev and Aiden English. WWE Hall of Famer Alundra Blayze takes Otunga’s seat on the panel for a few minutes. Blayze mentions that she would like to be in the Rumble and because Asuka is undefeated, she’d like to beat her a… her butt, she caught herself. There’s some good back & forth between JBL and Blayze. Blayze takes forever to pick a women’s Rumble winner and never actually makes a pick but she does say she likes Nia Jax. Renee sends us outside to Sam Roberts again. Fans behind him are going wild. We get more hype for tonight’s show and a video package for the WWE Universal Title Triple Threat. Rosenberg predicts Braun Strowman to win but Otunga goes with Brock Lesnar to retain and JBL picks Kane. Renee sends us to a video on the 1998 Royal Rumble, won by WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin. Renee sends us back to the ring for the final Kickoff match.

We go to the ring and Tom Phillips welcomes us. He’s joined by Corey Graves and Byron Saxton. Out comes WWE United States Champion Bobby Roode for the first-ever Glorious US Open Challenge. Roode cuts a promo and kicks off the challenge, asking who’s going to jump on the golden opportunity…

WWE United States Title Match
(C) Bobby Roode

They lock up and Mojo sends Roode to the mat. Roode charges and Mojo knocks him down. Fans chant “Mojo sucks” now. Mojo works over Roode in the corner but Roode fights out. Mojo charges out of the corner but Rode hits an inverted atomic drop and a side Russian leg sweep for a 2 count. Mojo comes right back and nails Roode. Mojo dodges a Glorious DDT and sends Roode out to the floor on his feet. Roode tries to come back in but Mojo knocks him off into the barrier. Mojo charges and sends Roode back into the barrier. Mojo talks some trash and brings it back into the ring for a 2 count. We go to a break.

Back from the break and Mojo is still in it. Roode manages to get an elbow up as Mojo charges in the corner. Mojo catches a Blockbuster attempt but Roode slides out of a slam. Roode with a forearm and a clothesline now. Roode with a corner clothesline and a neckbreaker for a 2 count. Roode keeps control and hits the Blockbuster. He calls for the DDT but Mojo blocks it and drops him for a 2 count. Mojo plants Roode into the mat and covers for another 2 count.

Mojo mushes Roode around and talks some trash. Roode catches Mojo with a spinebuster for a close 2 count. Mojo blocks the DDT once again with a backdrop. Mojo launches Roode into the ring post. Mojo charges into the corner with the big punch but Roode blocks it. Roode with an awkward DDT out of the corner for the pin.

Winner: Bobby Roode

We go back to the panel for more hype for tonight’s show. WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair joins the panel now. Flair says being here means a lot and he’s glad to be anywhere with the company these days. Flair talks about the Rumble and his win years ago. Flair says it’s a special moment for the winners of tonight’s Rumble matches. Flair also comments on tonight’s big Triple Threat and says he wouldn’t wish Lesnar on anyone. He respects Braun and gives props to Kane for his career. Flair picks Lesnar to retain his title. The panel talks more about tonight’s show and Flair jokes about his history with Philly.

The panel run-down tonight’s card one more time as Flair gives more props to WWE and the City of Brotherly Love. Renee wraps the pre-show and it’s time for the 2018 Royal Rumble!

The 2018 Royal Rumble opens with a lengthy video package. We go live to the arena in Philadelphia and the fans are in fine voice as Sami Zayn’s music hits. Owens comes out scond, followed by the Champion, AJ Styles, who also makes his way to the ring.

WWE Championship Match

2-On-1 Handicap Match

(C) AJ Styles Vs. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn

The match begins and Kevin Owens starts the match against Styles, with Sami on the apron. The two look to lock-up but Owens turns and tags Sami right away. Zayn circles Styles and readies to tie-up but he also turns and tags out. Owens and Styles again look to lock-up but this time AJ kicks him in the gut, then punches Owens and sends him to the ropes but KO holds the ropes, then walks over and tags Sami back in.

Sami and AJ tie-up and AJ quickly looks for a small package but Zayn kicks out and runs to the corner to tag KO back in. Syles takes Owens’ back but KO scoops AJ’s leg to break free. Owens and AJ square-up, then Owens rolls from the ring, runs around the side and slides back in and tags Sami while still lying on his stomach. The fans laughed at that one. Zayn grabs AJ in a headlock and tries to ground him. Styles sends Sami to the ropes, leapfrog, drop down, then a dropkick and Sami tags out. Owens comes in and distracts the referee for a second before shoving AJ to the corner and pummelling him with punches. Owens takes the brawl to his corner and tags Zayn in, who continues the beating in the corner.

Zayn chops AJ’s chest, but AJ returns to the favour. AJ hits the ropes but Sami catches him with a big back body drop for the first pin attempt, failed mind you. Owens is back in the match and he fires AJ into the corner with velocity. Owens unleashes some ground and pound on AJ before kicking the Champ from the ring and tossing him into the barricade. Back inside the ring, Sami tags in and ground AJ with a rear chin lock. AJ fights up and out but Owens tags in and turns it back around. AJ rocks Owens and drops Sami as well. AJ unloads on Owens now. Owens runs into a boot in the corner. Owens gets AJ in the Electric Chair, slamming him face first into the mat for a 2 count. Owens argues with the referee and goes right to AJ to keep him grounded on the mat.

Owens slams AJ again and tells him to stay down. Owens goes for the corner cannonball but AJ moves. Sami tags in as Owens clutches his ankle. Sami takes AJ to the corner but AJ stops a tornado DDT. AJ climbs up and rocks Sami on top. AJ brings Sami to the mat with a big hurricanrana. AJ is slow to get up as Sami crawls for a tag. Owens comes in but AJ nails a pele kick and Owens goes down. Sami tags in and goes for a Helluva Kick but AJ boots him. AJ goes for a moonsault but has to land on his feet, turning it into an inverted DDT.

Sami crawls and tags in Owens again. AJ rocks Owens as he charges into the corner. Sami runs in next but AJ hits him as well. AJ takes out Sami as Owens sends him that way. Sami is sent out. AJ ends up rolling Owens into the Calf Crusher as fans pop. AJ pulls back and tightens the hold in the middle of the ring. Sami runs in and breaks it up as fans boo. AJ unloads with strikes and drops Sami. Sami gets sent to the floor again. AJ ad Owens go at it for a quick 2 count. AJ sends Owens into the ring post. Sami runs in for a Blue Thunderbomb but AJ blocks it. Owens assists with a superkick from the apron while Sami has the referee distracted, allowing Sami to hit the Blue Thunderbomb for a close 2 count.

Fans chant for AJ as Sami gets up first. Sami with a chop and a slap in the corner as the referee warns him. Sami takes AJ to the top and rocks him. Sami climbs up for a superplex but AJ slides down and sends Sami face first into the turnbuckle. Sami sends AJ to the apron. Owens charges and AJ drops him. AJ springboards in and hits the Phenomenal Forearm on Sami but Owens runs in and breaks the pin up. AJ gets up first and turns to Sami for a forearm.Sami swings back. AJ rocks him. Sami fights back as they trade shots in the middle of the ring now. AJ hits two straight forearms. AJ ducks a shot and picks Sami up – Zayn is millimetres from making the tag to Owens but can’t reach.

Styles runs with Zayn up and throws him out to the floor again. Owens runs in and hits a superkick. Then tosses AJ to the ropes but AJ counters the Pop-up Powerbomb and rolls-up Owens for the win to retain!

Winner: AJ Styles

After the match, Styles stands tall with the title as we go to replays. AJ stands tall with his arm raised as Sami and Owens look on from the ramp. AJ raises the title and looks up at the WrestleMania 34 sign. Sami and Owens head to the back, clearly unhappy because the tag was never made!

We return to see Sami and Owens backstage arguing with SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon, accusing the referee of screwing them again.They argue for a minute but Shane doesn’t say anything. Zayn asks him repeatedly, “did you see that?” To which Shane finally says “yep!”

It’s tag team time, as SmackDown Live’s Champion’s The Uso’s make their way to the ring. The brothers cut a great promo on the way to the ring in which they welcome Benjamin and Gable to the Uso Penitentiary.

SmackDown Live Tag Team Championship Match

2-Out-Of-3 Falls Match

(C) The Uso’s Vs. Benjamin & Gable

We start with Shelton Benjamin and Jey Uso. Benjamin attempted a powerbomb near the corner on Jey and Gable was going up top. Jey escapes as Gable gets the tag. Jimmy tags himself in as Gable goes for a german suplex. The Usos attempt a double superkick on Gable, but Gable quickly rolls out of the ring and regroups with Benjamin. Gable back in and gets a quick takedown on Jimmy. Jimmy with chops to Gable. Jimmy catches Gable with a big uppercut. Chop block by Gable taking out the left knee of Jimmy. Benjamin then tosses the left leg of Jimmy across the ring post as he gets the tag.

Benjamin with another chop block to the left leg of Jimmy. Tag to Gable who stomps over Jimmy. Tag back to Benjamin who drops his weight over the left leg of Jimmy. Tag to Gable who throws a shot to the back of Jimmy’s neck keeping him grounded. Jimmy throwing chops, but Gable with a dragon screw takedown on Jimmy’s bad left leg. Benjamin and Gable with double knees to Jimmy and they knock Jey off the corner. Benjamin, who has the tag, drops Jimmy down in a snapmare. Jimmy with an uppercut and chops as Jey is back up on the ring apron. Jimmy with a kick to the head of Benjamin. Hot tag to Jey who takes out Gable and hits repeated shots to Benjamin. Gable tags himself in as Jey tosses Benjamin out. Jey clotheslines Gable over the top rope. Jey leaps over and takes out Benjamin. Jey is back in and leaps over taking out Gable as well! Jey with a top rope cross body on Gable for a two count. Jey with a shot to the head of Gable in the corner. Jey is up top, misses a shot, rolls up Gable for two, Benjamin with a shot from the outside and Gable with a close roll up. Gable with a tiger suplex for a two count. The action is getting fast now.

Benjamin has Jey up for a powerbomb. Gable takes out Jimmy with a dropkick. Benjamin powerbombs Jey into Jimmy. Benjamin with Pay Dirt and Jimmy kicks out. Benjamin is shocked. Benjamin kicks Jey to the outside. Tag to Gable. Gable with a top rope moonsault on both Usos at ringside! Jey with a superkick to Gable who’s the legal one. Jimmy drops Benjamin with a superkick. Jey comes off the top rope with a splash over Gable for a two count! Jey is also shocked. Benjamin with a kick to Jey. Jimmy with a superkick to Benjamin. Gable with an armbar on Jimmy, pushes him to the corner, Jey is legal and eats two superkicks from both Usos. Double superkick by The Usos. Gable is pinned.

1st Fall: The Uso’s

Benjamin tosses Jey to the corner. On the outside, Benjamin has Jimmy up for a powerbomb and Gable comes jumping off the steel ring steps with a modified bulldog! Jey is back inside the ring as Gable and Benjamin return. Gable is the legal man as Benjamin tags himself in. Gable with an overhead kick. Benjamin is in grabbing Jey. Gable is going up to the top rope. Jey rolls up Benjamin and gets the pinfall!

Winners: The Uso’s

A clean sweep for The Uso’s. The brothers celebrate as they walk up the ramp, meanwhile Benjamin and Gable look furious that they succumbed twice in a row.

We see a trailer for the latest WWE 24, which airs tonight after the Royal Rumble, and it will focus on WrestleMania Orlando, including interviews with The Undertaker!

Well, it’s time for our first Rumble match and guess what, it’s the men! Before the match begins, we get a lengthy video explaining the rules and showing us some impressive stats from over the years.

Jerry Lawler is introduced as a guest commentator for the Rumble, and he’s wearing his classic King garb. The first entrant into the 2018 Royal Rumble is Rusev. Aiden English came out first and the fans lost their minds as he asked them what day it was. The Bulgarian Brute then came out and he is a huge favourite in Philly. The number two entrant is Finn Balor!

Men’s Royal Rumble Match

The bell rings and the match gets underway as Rusev and Finn lock-up. Rusev immediately lifts Finn and tries to throw him over but Finn elbows him. Regardless Rusev gets Finn onto the apron but he fights his way back into the ring. Rusev gives Finn a nice hip-toss, then an elbow drop. Finn pushes Rusev to the ropes and tries to get him over but he’s too heavy it seems. Rusev hits Finn against the ropes, then runs but Finn catches him with a dropkick and the countdown clock is on.

The third entrant is Philly favourite, Rhyno! Rusev and Rhyno go at it right away and punch each other into the corner. Rhyno hits a shoulder tackle in the corner, then a belly-to-belly to Rusev, then one to Finn for good measure. Rhyno clotheslines Balor, then tries to toss him over but Rusev attacks him. Rhyno gets Rusev on his shoulders but Rusev fights out, then hits a spinning heel kick and again the clock is on.

The fourth entrant is Baron Corbin, who receives huge boos as he runs to the ring. Corbin wastes no times as he attacks Rhyno, then throws Finn across the ring. Corbin gets hit by Rusev and he slides out of the ring, then back in and clotheslines Rusev from behind. Rhyno hits Corbin, then looks for a Gore but eats Deep Six from Corbin, then Rhyno is tossed out! Rhyno Eliminated. Almost as soon as Corbin throws Rhyno out, Finn Balor throws out the Lone Wolf! Baron Corbin Eliminated. Corbin can’t believe it and he pulls Finn under the bottom rope and throws him into the barricade. Corbin then attacks Rusev on the outside with the End of Days. He isn’t finished yet as he catches Finn with a backbreaker before being escorted to the back by officials.

Entrant number five, Heath Slater is out next but Corbin clotheslines him on the ramp. Everyone in the match is down outside of the ring, and the fans are chanting “he’s got kids” in regards to Slater. The next entrant is Elias, who comes to the ring with his guitar and sings a song for the fans in Philly, in which he says he will spit in the face of the Rocky statue. Eventually the clock re-appears and Elias stops as the NXT Champion, Andrade Almas comes to the ring!

Almas hit Heath Slater as he made his way to the ring. He and Elias brawl as they stand in the ring. Elias throws him towards the ropes and he catches himself like a spider. Almas hits Elias with a spinning elbow, then hits the runnng knee’s in the corner. Almas looks for the Hammerlock DDT but Elias fights out and eats a huge clothesline. Both men are down and the clock is ticking down. The next entrant is Bray Wyatt, who makes his way to the ring, where Slater is crawling towards the ring. Wyatt grabs Slater and tosses him into the barricade – Slater still hasn’t officially entered the match.

Wyatt immediately attacks Elias and looks for Sister Abigail but Balor returns and attacks. Wyatt throws him off and kicks Almas in the corner. Rusev comes back and climbs the apron but Wyatt knocks him down. This happens a couple of times as the fans cheer for Rusev. It’s time for the next entrant and number 9 is Big E of The New Day. Big E comes to ringside and picks Slater up and tries to feed him pancakes, it doesn’t seem to rejuvenate Slater who slides back down to the floor. Big E runs into the ring and hits Wyatt with a belly-to-belly. Elias attacks Big E, then goes to work on Finn in the corner. Rusev returns and tries to eliminate Almas, while Wyatt singles Big E in the corner. All men are busy as the clock comes back and the tenth entrant is Tye Dillinger!

We wait for Dillinger but he doesn’t appear, then we cut backstage to see Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens beating on Dillinger backstage. Zayn turns to Owens and says he has this, so Zayn is taking the number 10 slot and, of course, he attacks Slater as he comes to the ring. Sami attacks Finn Balor in the corner and again all seven men are occupied. Entrant number eleven is Sheamus of The Bar!

Sheamus comes down and picks up Heath Slater, then throws him into the ring. Sheamus slides inside and Slater immediately clotheslines him back out! Sheamus Eliminated. The crowd went wild for that! Sheamus cannot believe it and Slater is very proud of himself but it isn’t long until Bray Wyatt hits Sister Abigail, then throws Heath out. Heath Slater Eliminated. The fans booed for that.

Xavier Woods is entrant number twelve and this is his second Royal Rumble. Woods attacks Bray Wyatt, then Sami Zayn and he teams with Big E to unleash some tag team offense. From there it’s just everyone trying to eliminate each other for a few minutes. Eventually it’s time again and out comes Apollo Crews for unlucky number 13. Crews doesn’t get any noteworthy spots and it’s back to random action from every man in the ring. Wyatt looks for Sister Abigail on Balor but the Irishman escapes and hits a double foot stomp. The clock ticks down again and out comes a favourite to win the Rumble, Shinsuke Nakamura!

Nakamura ducks a clothesline from Sami, then hits him with a leaping kick. Nakamura unleashes some blows on Rusev, then an axe kick to Wyatt as the fans sing Nakamura’s music. The Prince continues the attack on Elias, Apollo and others. The ring is filling up now,I believe there is 10. Well, Nakamura places Zayn on the top rope and hits a running knee and Zayn is gone! Sami Zayn eliminated. Cesaro, the Swiss Cyborg, is out next and he starts uppercutting various people before trying to throw Balor over but he gets attacked by Almas. Jerry Lawler says when he was in the Rumble, he never tried to stop any eliminations.

Rusev and Cesaro fight in the centre of the ring as the crowd boo and cheer. The clock is back and this time it’s Kofi Kingston. All three members of New Day are in the ring but as soon as Kofi enters he is clobbered by an uppercut from Cesaro. Apollo Crews lifts Cesaro and tries to toss him over but Cesaro holds on and throws Apollo over and onto the apron. Crews fights him off for a minute but eventually Sheamus connects with an uppercut and Crews is gone. Apollo Crews eliminated.

The next entrant is the former WWE Champion, Jinder Mahal. Amazingly, this is Mahal’s first every Rumble match. Jinder brawls with a few guys before eliminating Xavier Woods. Xavier Woods eliminated. Big E then attacks Jinder but he gets booted off of the apron and he too is eliminated by the Modern Day Maharaja. Big E eliminated. Seth Rollins is entrant number 18 and he’s wearing fiery tights. Rollins runs to the ring and hits a massive springboard clothesline to Bray Wyatt, then catches Balor with a slingblade. Cesaro then attacks Rollins from behind, bad blood there, and Cesaro tries to throw him over. Rollins tricks Cesaro and kicks him with both feet over the top rope like a circus act! Cesaro eliminated. Amazingly, Jinder tries to throw Kofi over but the master of escape strikes again as one of his feet landed on his teammate Xavier Woods body. Kofi is still in the match and Big E give him a plate of pancakes to set his feet on. Kofi can’t get back in the ring as Jinder blocks his path. Woods and Big E create a spring for Kofi and he bounces off of them, over the top rope and over Jinder!

Jinder attacks Kofi but gets hit with Trouble in Paradise and he is gone! Jinder Mahal eliminated. Big E and Woods bury Jinder in pancakes at ringside. Andrade Almas then grabs Kofi and hits the Hammerlock DDT. He attempts to toss him out but changes him mind as Big E and Woods are below, so Almas throws Kofi over the opposite side of the ring. Kofi Kingston Elimianted. Almas is attacked by Rusev and sent to the corner. The clock ticks down and WOKEN Matt Hardy is the next entrant. Hardy is very popular in Philly.

Hardy goes to work on Elias, slamming his head onto the turnbuckle repeatedly. Bray Wyatt and Hardy square-up and the fans chant DELETE. Rusev interrupts their staring contest and gets punched by both men then clotheslined over to the dismay of the fans. Rusev eliminated. Wyatt and Hardy work together for a hot minute, attacking various competitors before fighting each other again. Eventually they cltihesline each other over the ropes! Matt Hardy elimianted. Bray Wyatt eliminated.

John Cena is out next and he is definitely not a favourite in Philly. Cena tuns to the ring and the remaining men in the match attack him at the same time and the fans pop. Eventually Elias and Cena go at it and Cena gets Elias up for an AA and tosses him over! Elias eliminated. Cena is the only man standing and he’s ready for the next entrant…

Hurricane comes to the ring and poses with Super-Cena, this is the WWE version of Justice League. Cena grabs Hurricane on his shoulders and throws him out, short-lived return for Helms. Hurricane eliminated. Aiden English is out next and he goes to work on Almas, then some others. It’s everyone fighting each other again. The next entrant Adam Cole from NXT! Cole gets a huge reaction and then comes to the ring and joins the multi-man brawl. English is on the top rope and he poses but gets kicked by Balor and is eliminated. Aiden English elimianted.

Entrant number 24 is the Viper, Randy Orton! Orton comes down to the ring slowly and starts hitting Adam Cole with clotheslines. Orton looks to hit Cena with an RKO but gets pushed off and Almas kicks him in the face. Almas then springboards towards and gets caught with an RKO! Needless to say, that is the end of Almas’ journey in this match. Andrade Almas elimianted. The brawl continues on with every man and Titus O’Neil joints the fray. The brawl carries on with nothing of note happening.

The Miz is number 26, alongside The Miztourage. He runs into the ring and catches Seth Rollins with a neckbreaker. Miz then attacks both Rollins and Cena with the It Kicks until Cena catches him with an AA but Miz fights out and lands a Skull Crushing Finale. The clocks winds down again and the next entrant is Rey Mysterio!! Mysterio comes to the ring to a huge pop from Philly – which must make up for his number 30 entrant a few years back. Miz is caught by a hurricanrana from Mysterio.

Mysterio continues the attack on Miz, then hurricanrana’s Aadam Cole into the turnuckle before getting him over the rop rope! Adam Cole eliminated. Mysterio hits Miz with a 619 and things slow down again. Roman Reigns is the next entrant and he receives thunderous boo’s from Philly. Roman hits everyone with uppercuts and then it’s him and The Miz, who he hits with several clotheslines. Roman tosses Titus O’Neil from the rng, then tries to throw Miz over but The Miztourage stop it from happening. Titus O’Neil eliminated. Roman hits Dallas and Axel with a Superman punch, then Rollins hits Miz with a Curb Stomp. Rollins lifts Miz up and Roman dumps over over the top rope with a powerbomb onto Axel and Dallas. The Miz eliminated. Just as he and Rollins were admiring their handiwork, Roman grabs his Shield brethren and throws him out!!

Roman and Seth smile at each other, Rollins seemingly understands. The next entrant is GOldyst, who is now tied in second for most Rumble appearances. Goldust attacks Randy Orton, then catches Cena with a atomc drop. The clock appears again and the final entrant is none other, than Dolph Ziggler!

Dolph makes his way to the ring and attacks John Cena. Ziggler superkicks Cena and tries to throw him over but Cena holds on. Orton looks to RKO Ziggler but he too gets superkicked. Ziggler then throws gGoldust out. Goldust eliminated. Ziggler fights with Nakamura for a minute and The Prince tries to throw him over the rope backwards but Ziggler holds on, only for Finn Balor to hit him off guard and hes gone! Dolph Ziggler eliminated. We’re down to six men, Finn Balor, Shinsuke Nakamura, John Cena, Randy Orton, Roman Reigns and Rey Mysterio.

We have a clash of generations as the old guys and the new cats stand off. Cool moment. The two generations go to work and brawl each other and their finishers, an RKO, Attitude Adjustment and a 619. Randy then tries to RKO Cena but gets tossed off and Roman Reigns Superman punches him, then throws him out! Randy Orton eliminated. Rey Mysterio then hits both Cena and Reigns with a 619, the crowd loved that. Too bad for Rey though as Finn Balor tosses him over! Rey Mysterio eliminated.

We’re down to four, Shinsuke Nakamura, John Cena, Roman Reigns, and Finn Balor. All four men come into the centre of the ring and share staredown. The fans are chanting for Nakamura. Cena attacks Nakamura and Balor hits Roman. We’re left with Roman and Cena standing, and Cena points to the WrestleMania sign. The fans chant “you both suck”. Balor and Nakamura reappear and attack Roman and Cena. Now we’re left with these two standing and the fans chant “too sweet”. Nakamura tries to eliminate Balor the way he did with Zayn but Finn holds on. They brawl and Finn hits a slingblade and both men are down. They get to their feet but Reigns and Cena return and attack them again. They start throwing hands and Reigns lands a Samoan Drop. Reigns takes to the corner, then runs at Cena for a Superman punch but he’s caught with a back drop. Cena looks for the Five Knuckle Shuffle but Finn catches him with a slingblade. Balor dropkicks Cena in to the corner, then hits Roman with the slingblade and dropki, then does the same to Nakamura. Shinsuke catches Finn with a kick, then looks for Kinshasha but Finn hits a double foot stomp. Cena then grabs Finn and tosses him out to a chorus of boos. Finn Balor eliminated.

We’re down to John Cena, Roman Reigns and Shinsuke Nakamura. Weirdly, Reigns and Cena double team Cena and beat him down like heels. Then Roman attacks Cena but eats some shoulder tackles and a Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena lifts Roman up for an AA but Roman climbs down and hits John with a Superman punch. Reigns runs at Cena and gets caught with an AA, then Nakamura grabs Cena for a back drop but Cena elbows him. Cena looks to suplex Nakamura over but Shinsuke reverses and hits him with Kinshasha on the apron! John Cena eliminated.

Roman Reigns and Nakamura slowly get to their feet and stare at each other. Nakamura asks Roman to “Come On!!” The two trade blows in the centre of the ring and Nakamura gets the better of them, only to be caught with a Superman punch. Roman lifts Nakamura and runs him over the top rope, but Nakamura lands on the apron. Roman runs at him but Shinsuke grabs him and applies a triangle submission hanging over the ropes. Roman picks him up and powerbombs him in the centre of the ring. Both men are down. Reigns takes to the corner and prepares for a Spear, runs, and gets kicked in the face. Nakamura knee’s him in the face and sets up for Kinshasha but Roman Spears him with velocity! Again both men are down. Roman gets to his feet and picks Nakamura up, then takes him to the ropes but Shinsuke holds on. Nakamura fights off and hits a running Kinshsha then throws Roman over!!!

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

Nakamura celebrates after the match as we see highlights. Renee Young comes into the ring and asks Nakamura if he has thoughts about who he wants to challenge at WrestleMania, and he answers emphatically: AJ STYLES! Yes!!

Backstage, Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon celebrate a Smackdown Live guy – Shinsuke Nakamura – winning the men’s Royal Rumble match tonight. Bryan tells Kurt tough break. Angle points out the Universal Championship match is still to go and Stephanie says they will all be pleasantly surprised by the first ever women’s Royal Rumble match.

Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan come to the ring for their Tag Team Championship match!

WWE Raw Tag Team Championship Match

Seth Rollins & Jason Jordan Vs. (C) The Bar

We start with Rollins and Cesaro. Rollins with a series of arm drag counters early on Cesaro. Rollins with a huricanrana and dropkick combo to Cesaro. Cesaro bails to the corner to slow things down. Tag to Sheamus who takes a cross body from Rollins. Tag back to Cesaro who stomps away at Rollins in the corner. Quick tag back to Sheamus. The Bar with a double kick to Rollins and Sheamus gets a two count. Rollins catches Sheamus with a kick to the head. Cesaro pulls Jordan down and sends him into the ring post.

Sheamus misses a Brogue Kick going over the top rope. Rollins takes out Sheamus and Cesaro with a dive. Sheamus dumps Rollins to the barricade repeatedly. Sheamus catches Rollins with a clothesline off the top rope. WWE staff is checking on Jordan on the outside as Cesaro gets the tag. The Bar kicks away at Rollins in the corner. Tag back to Sheamus as they hit a double clothesline on Rollins. Sheamus drops a knee over Rollins.

The Bar are in firm control. Jordan is still holding his head on the outside as Cesaro gets the tag. Rollins throws elbows to Sheamus and Cesaro. Cesaro with a knee and tags Sheamus back in. Cesaro has Rollins up on his shoulders. Rollins avoids a shot from the top by Sheamus. Rollins tosses Sheamus shoulder first to the ring post and then tosses Cesaro out of the ring. Rollins with a Sling Blade on Cesaro. Rollins with an impressive blockbuster to Cesaro off the second rope. Rollins catches Cesaro with a superkick.

to Sheamus who throws a stiff uppercut to Rollins. Tag to Cesaro who jumps up with Rollins as Sheamus is attempting the same. Rollins pushes Sheamus away. Rollins dumps Cesaro back inside the ring. Rollins with a frog splash over Sheamus and Cesaro! Rollins is clutching his knee as Jordan walks up the steps and tags himself in. Jordan grabs his head and stumbles. Jordan tags out. Cesaro grabs Rollins and pulls him back in. Rollins with rights to both. Cesaro with an uppercut to Rollins.

Rollins with a knee to Cesaro. Sheamus tags himself in and levels Rollins with a Brogue Kick. Tag to Cesaro. Sheamus picks up Rollins on his shoulders. Sheamus with a White Noise on Rollins as Cesaro jumps off the corner landing on Rollins. Cesaro covers Rollins for the pinfall.

Winners and New WWE Tag Team Champions: The Bar

Rollins and Jordan don’t look happy with each other after the fact. They are unlikely to get another title shot.

A video package runs hyping Lesnar vs. Kane vs. Strowman tonight.

WWE Universal Championship Match

(C) Brock Lesnar Vs. Braun Strowman Vs. Kane

The bell rings and Lesnar goes after Kane right away. Strowman charges both Lesnar and Kane in the corner, then  a crazy running dropkick taking out Lesnar. Graves said “it’s like getting dropkicked by a T-Re”x. Strowman catches Lesnar with a big knee to the head. Lesnar didn’t like that and punched Strowman in the side, then a stiff shot the head – that was a real shot in response to that knee. Kane takes out Lesnar.

Strowman backs Kane to the corner. Commentary is talking about that knee from Strowman to Lesnar. Lesnar brings in a steel chair (No DQ Rules tonight), but Strowman clears house! Strowman tosses Lesnar and Kane out immediately. We see a replay of the knee that landed flush on Lesnar. We also see the right hand that landed flush on Strowman as well. Strowman has the top of the steel steps and hits Lesnar with them at ringside. Strowman is bringing in tables. Strowman with a chokeslam on Kane. Lesnar with three german suplexes to Strowman. A table is propped up against the corner and another table is setup. Strowman picks up Lesnar and slams him through a table with a powerslam but Kane breaks up the pinfall. Kane sends Strowman through the table propped up in the corner, which broken like cardboard, probably because of Braun’s weight.

Lesnar with an F5 on Kane. Strowman breaks it up and dumps Lesnar back with a release german suplex! On the outside, Lesnar hits Strowman with an F5 through an announce table at ringside! Lesnar tosses another announce table over Strowman. Lesnar with an F5 to Kane over the third announce table at ringside! Lesnar stands on the steps posing, then Braun climbs to his feet and Lesnar looks at him surprised. Lesnar jumps off of the steps and into Strowman but he hits a wall and goes down.

Back inside, Strowman plants Lesnar with a slam. Strowman yells at Lesnar to get up. Lesnar gets to his feet and Strowman with a second powerslam. Kane is in with a chair and hits Strowman over the back twice and then against the ribs of Strowman. Strowman falls out. Lesnar pushes Kane into Strowman on the ring apron. Lesnar with an F5 to Kane over the steel chair. Lesnar hooks the leg and retains the title.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

After the match, Paul Heyman grabs the WWE Universal Championship and hands it to Brock Lesnar and they retreat up the ramp. Braun Strowman is already back up and yelling, “You didn’t beat me” towards the direction of Lesnar. Lesnar holds up the Universal Championship smiling and telling Strowman to take a good look at it.

It’s main event time! We get a great video for the women’s Royal Rumble match, then the rules explained.

Maria Menounos is introduced as the guest ring announcer, and she gets booed. Maria introduces the guest ring announcer for the match, Stephanie McMahon. People made a fuss about Stephanie commentating but I think it’s cool – she has a great voice and is following in her father’s footsteps. The Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss comes out and then SmackDown Live’s Champion, Charlotte. Both Champion’s take seats at ringside and Stephanie says she is overwhelmed by this occasion.

The first ever entrant in the women’s Royal Rumble is…

Becky Lynch is the second entrant. The fans seem a little dead in Philly, hopefully they pick-up. Well, it’s time for this historic match!

Women’s Royal Rumble Match

The bell rings and Sasha and Becky lock-up and trade holds. The two look to catch each other with their submission finishers but can’t land them. Eventually they hit a double clothesline and they both go down as the clock appears.

The third entrant in the Rumble is Sarah Logan of the Riott Squad. Logan takes the fight to Becky, stomps a mudhole into her. Sarah throws Sasha into the air and hits a headbutt that floors Sasha. Becky throws Logan over the ropes but she lands on the apron. Becky struggles with Logan as the clock returns and out comes Mandy Rose of Absolution. Mandy takes the fight to Sasha Banks right away and the action slows down.

The fifth entrant in the match is Hall of Famer, Lita! That got a huge pop from the crowd. Lita comes to the ring and gets attacked by Becky and Sasha, Lita then takes them both out with kicks and clotheslines. Lita and Mandy start fighting and Rose knee’s Lita hard from the apron, but then gets knocked off! Mandy Rose eliminated. The clock returns and out comes Kairi Sane, the winner of the Mae Young Classic!

Kari attacks Sarah Logan, then hits Lita with a nice running elbow in the corner. She takes out two women with a running double clothesline, then catches Sasha Banks with her awesome Sailing Seas Elbow Drop from the top rope!  Tamina is out next as Kairi hits Becky Lynch with her huge elbow drop. Tamina and Kairi go at it but Tamina comes out on top, then Lita attacks everyone, hitting DDT’s and a Twist of Fate to Sasha Banks. Lita then eliminates Tamina. Tamina eliminated. Just as she starts to celebrate, Becky Lynch tosses the extreme one out. Lita eliminated.

The next entrant is Dana Brooke and she immediately gets kicked down by Lynch. Becky tries to throw Dana ove rthe rope but she gets elbowed. Dana then hits Sasha with a springboard elbow in the corner, then a leaping kick to Becky. The action slows again until Torrie Wilson surprised the fans! Wilson comes to the ring and unleashes some fury. Sony Deville emerges as the next entrant and she takes the fight to Sasha in the corner with some stiff kicks. Deville throws Wilson over the top rope and kicks her off to the floor. Torrie Wilson eliminated.

The next entrant is Liv Morgan of the Riott Squad. Liv slams Sasha Banks to the mat, thenhits her with a double stomp to the back. Liv and Sarah Logan team up to atatck Banks in the corner. Our next entrant is another 90’s icon and that is Molly Holly!

Molly comes to the ring to a great reaction from the fans and she looks in fine shape. Holly was trained by Dean Malenko and Finlay, so it should come as no surprose that she is serious. Holly suplexes Becky, then throws Logan out! Sarah Logan eliminated. Holly then takes to the top rope and hits Sasha Banks with an incredible front flip senton, then Deville kicks her in the head. Deville is then attacked by Morgan and they trade shots. Becky Lynch then hits both of them with Bexploder’s. Morgan and Deville beat on Becky in the corner. The next entrant is Lana, who gets a huge cheer and chants for Rusev Day. Corey Graves says it would be amazing if Lana won the Rumble on Rusev Day. Sadly for Lana, she gets attacked by Deville and Morgan right away. Lana fights to her feet and slaps Deville in the face before tackling Morgan. The clock returns as Morgan and Sonya beat on Lana in the corner.

Michelle McCool is out at number fourteen and she looks like she hasn’t aged a day. McCool ducks Morgan and Deville and kicks Lana in the corner. She ducks a kick from Sonya and kicks Morgan in the face. Deville then throws McCool but it gets reversed. McCool attacks Deville in the corner and tosses her out! McCool then throws Liv Morgan over as well but gets attacked from behind by Molly Holly, but Michelle then throws her out too. Lana attacks Michelle from behind but gets thrown over and Michelle has eliminated everyone but Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks. Ruby Riott is the last member of the Riott Squad left to enter the match and she immediately takes the fight to Sasha Banks.

Ruby is almost eliminated multiple times by McCool, Becky, Sasha but she holds on. Michelle lifts Sasha over the ropes but she lands on the apron and fights her way back in. The next entrant is an unlikely one, Vickie Guerrero! She screams excuse me on her way to the ring and does so again when she gets into the ring, forcing all the women to stop and take a look at her. Vickie suddenly looks worried and she turns to leave but she gets grabbed and thrown over by all four women! Vickie Guerrero eliminated.

Carmella is number seventeen and she brings her briefcase with her. Carmella moonwalks in front of Vickie, who grabs the briefcase and and whacks her with it! Carmella is down on the outside but the action in the ring continues. Michelle looks for the Styles Clash, I can’t remember what she called the move, but Sasha climbs up and unleashes some punches. Sasha follows-up with running knees into McCool in the corner. Meanwhile Bekcy drops leg drops on Ruby Riott. Things slow down as we wait for the clock.

Natalya is the next entrant but as she climbs on the apron Carmella pulls her off. Carmella slides into the ring finally and superkicks Michelle. She then hits Superkicks Banks before having a real awkward exchange with Becky where they tried like three moves but ultimately just separated and Carmella kicked Ruby in the face. The nineteenth entrant is Kelly Kelly, former WWE Diva’s Champion. Kelly enters the ring and Natalya looks to throw her out right away but she holds onto the ropes. Kelly then shoulders Nattie in the gut and Michelle superkicks her. Kelly then catches Michelle with a headscissors takedown and Natalyta throws McCool out. Michelle McCool eliminated.

All the women exchange elimination attempts as the crowd applaud Michelle McCool. Entrant number twenty is Naomi, who runs down and hits everybody with the Rear View! Banks on the other hand, throws her into the corner, where Naomi hits her with a big kick. Becky then slams Naomi down and hits her with a dropkick fro the top rope. Becky hits multiple Bexploders until she meets Ruby Riott, who throws her over the top rope! Becky Lynch eliminated.

The next entrant is the Hall of Famer, Jacqueline! This lady was the first ever African American Women’s Champion in WWE. The announcers talk about how awesome and tough she is. Jacqueline takes the fight to everyone, beating every girl she meets. Jacqueline and Natalya fight to throw Kelly over the top rope, then Ruby also joins the fray and the three of them can’t get her over. Nia Jax is out next and she clotheslines Banks and Carmella, then throws out Jacqueline and then Kelly. Jacqueline eliminated. Kelly Kelly eliminated.

Nia clears Natalya from the ring, under the rope, and it’s just Nia and Ruby in there. Ruby attacks Nia but she gets lifted into the air in a military press and thrown onto the top turnbuckles. Riott is then tosses out. Ruby Riott eliminated. Naomi comes back and kicks the crap out of Nia before attempting a hurricanrana and being caught. Nia throws her over the top rope but she lands on the apron. Nia knocks Naomi off but she is caught by all the ladies at ringside and they set her on the barricade as they fall with exhaustion. Nia is alone in the ring as the clock ticks down and number 23 enters…

The NXT Women’s Champion, Ember Moon is out and she’s still hurting from her war with Shayna Baszler. Ember gets a massive reaction. She storms to the ring as Naomi is still on the barricade and the others are still down at ringside. Ember ducks Nia and kicks her repeatedly. She springboards off the ropes and hits an RVD style kick. She screams and runs at Nia, who grabs her and throws her across the ring. Meanwhile, Naomi walks along the barrier, jumps onto a chair Maria Menounos was sat on and crawls her way over to the steps with her feet on the chair. She climbs the top rope, leaps off but NIa catches her and throws her out! All that for nothing. Naomi eliminated.

Nia jax is alone in the ring again and she looks unstoppable, that is, until entrant 24 emerges and it’s Beth Phoenix! The Glamazon comes to the ring and Nia looks a little freaked out. Phoenix not only is a former Champion but she also competed in the Royal Rumble once before, not to mention she has a Maaster Degree and is a mother to two kids, now that’s impressive. Beth and Nia square-up in the centre of the ring and the fans are loving it. Nia shoves Beth but she gets punched in return. They trade shots and the fans chant “this is awesome”. Nia throws Beth to the corner and runs but nobody’s home. Beth tries to lift Nia up but she can’t and Nia punches her in the back. Nia lifts her up and talks trash but this time Beth lifts Nia up onto her shoulders and carries her to the ropes. Natalya returns, Beth’s best friend, and they beat on Nia and tackle her and Nia falls through the middle ropes. Beth and Nattie hug and Beth is happy, until Nattie slaps her and throws her out! Beth Phoenix eliminated.

Number 25 is the Empress of Tomorrow and the undefeated Asuka, who is definitely the fan favourite. Asuka swings a kick for Carmella, who dodges it and runs. Sasha comes running in but Asuka throws her in the air and knee’s her. Asuka then ducks a kick from Carmellaand hits her with a Rear View of her own. Ember Moon gets back in and comes face-to-face with her greateats foe, Asuka! The crowd go wild for these two as they had some amazing matches. They trade reversals until Ember catches Asuka with a hurricanrana, then an Eclipse from the top rope! Asuka climbs back up the ropes and runs at Asuka but the Empress ducks and Ember goes over, where Asuka slams her injured arm on the top rope and she’s out. Ember Moon eliminated.

Mickie James is out next entrant and she kicks things off with a double knee stomp to Asuka. Natalya tries to ground Mickie but eats a neckbreaker for her troubles. Carmella tries to eliminate Sasha in the corner, while Mickie tries to throw Nattie over. The clock counts down and entrant number 27 is Nikki Bella! Nikki knee’s Carmella, then hits Asuka with a forearm. Sasha throws Nikki to the corner and gets hit with a springboard kick. Nikki spears Natalya, then points at Charlottes title. Carmella then attacks Nikki and mocks John Cena, which the fans loved. Carmella hits her with a Bronco Buster in the corner. Nikki then lifts Carmella onto her shoulders and throws her onto the apron, then kicks her off. Carmella eliminated.

All four women left attack Nikki Bella but then Nikki receives some help in the form of her sister, Brie Bella! New mommy, Brie beats on everyone in the ring and receives a huge Yes! chant. Brie knee’s all the women in the face as they lay on the rops. Nikki gets up and celebrates with Brie. Nia climbs onto the apron and they dropkick her off then suplex Natalya. Entrant 29 is out and it is Bayley! Before she can enter though, Brie and Nikki attack her, only for Bayley to hit them both with the ropes. Bayley hits a spinning elbow to Natalya from the top rope, then hist Mickie James. Asuka throws Bayley to the ropes but she holds on. We have seven ladies left and it’s time for our final entrant…

Trish Stratus, arguably the greatest of all time, makes her way to the ring to a huge pop in Philly. Trish gets stared at by every woman in the ring and she immediately attacks Natalya, then Bayley, then Sasha, and everyone. Trish ducks both Bella’s and chops them. She grabs them both and hits Stratusfaction. She runs at Bayley in the corner and grabs her with both feet for a hurricanrana. Mickie Hames gets to her feet and Philly goes wild as the two legends square-up again. Mickie strikes first and they go back and forth. Mickie is atop the ropes and Trish looks for the handstand again but Mickie throws her off, only for Trish to kick her in the head and Mickie is gone! Mickie James eliminated.

Nia then clotheslines Trisha and the fans boo, only for all the other women to gang-up on Nia. Asuka and Trish kick Nia and she falls onto the top rope, where both Bella’s triy to pull her over. Then every womenjoins in and throws her over! Nia Jax elimianted. As everyone breathes in the elimination, Sasha Banks grabs Bayley and throws her out! Bayley eliminated. Bayley and Charlotte looked shocked from ringside but Sasha smiles and says that’s what she does. Meanwhile, Natalya gets Trish in a sharpshooter but Trish rolls through and Nattie headbutts the turnbuckle. Trish throws Nattie over but she holds the ropes, only for Triish to kick her in the had and she’s gone! Natalya eliminated.

Sasha Banks and Trish push each other, the best of the past and the best of today. Trish kicks her, and mock Sasha’s taunt. Trish looks for Stratusfaction but t Sasha throws her over the top rope. Asuka stands behind The Boss as she talks trash, the fans chant “Asuka’s Gonna Kill You”. They turn to attack the Bella’s but Sasha hits Asuka and then the three of them team-up on the undefeated Asuka. This definitely feels like a heel turn for Sasha. All three of them hit big moves on Asuka, who gets stomped on in the corner. Sasha slaps her in the face and says she is ready for Asuka. Sasha looks to hit the double knee’s in the corner but the Bella’s grab her and toss her over! Sasha Banks eliminated.

The Bella’s try to throw Asuka over but she holds on and starts kicking them both in the chest, then the head. The fans are behind Asuka. Asuka throws Brie over but she holds on. Nikki clothesline’s Asuka, then lifts Asuka onto her shoulders and hits a nice move but then she punches Brie and eliminates her! Brie Bella eliminated. And we’re down to two!

Asuka is on the apron and Nikki runs at her but eats a shoulder tackle. Asuka points at Charlotte and Alexa, then the WresteMania sign. Asuka hits a missile dropkick to Nikki and they’re both down. Asuka runs at Nikki in the corner and eats a springboard kick. Nikki lifts Asuka and puts her on her shoulders. Nikki tries to throw Asuka over but she lands on the apron. Nikki takes a big forearm to the face and still holds on, Nikki can’t believe it. Nikki runs at her again and Asuka kicks her, then drags her over the top rope with her leg and Nikki lands on the apron. Both women are on the apron and Nikki floors Asuka with a forearm but then Asuka kicks her leg out from under her and that’s it!

Winner: Asuka

Asuka celebrates after the match and points at the Mania sign.Charlotte Flair and Alexa Bliss enter the ring. They stare down Asuka and hold up both of their Women’s Championships.

“Bad Reputation” hits and everyone loses their minds, “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey is walking out. The former UFC champion enters the ring and points at the WrestleMania sign. A loud “HOLY SHIT” chant starts up. Ronda extends her hand to Asuka. Asuka slaps it away. Ronda smiles. Ronda points again at the WrestleMania sign. We still don’t know who Asuka will challenge. Ronda shakes hands with Stephanie outside the ring. Ronday then walks up the ramp and points at the sign again.

Wow! That’s it for the 2018 Royal Rumble. Let us know what you think of it and I will see you tomorrow night for Raw!

Curtis Dillion

Curtis does our weekly live match-by-match coverage of WWE RAW and SmackDown for Ringside News. In addition to SmackDown, Curtis also does WWE & NXT special event coverage as well. He has been helping out at for Ringside News for many years.

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