Anthem Media is in Orlando, Florida tonight to tape an upcoming episode of Impact Wrestling. Here are are the spoilers from tonight’s show:

* Global Force Network match: El Hijo Del Fantasma defeats Braxton Sutter.

* Eddie Edwards defeats Sami Callihan. After the match, Sami attacks Eddie with a chair and a baseball bat.

* Feast or Fired: Rohit Raju, Ishimori, Lee, Konley, KM, Petey Williams, EC3, Moose, Tyrus, and Eli Drake. Petey Williams has grabbed the first case (Case #2). Moose has retrieved the second case (Case #4). EC3 got the third case (Case #3). Eli Drake takes the final case (Case #1).


* Taya vs. Rosemary. The match ends in double count out. They brawl after the match. Taya stands tall at the end of the fight.

* Jacobs and Kong in-ring promo. Jacobs says innocent people had to get hurt because Park would not produce Abyss. Haven’t seen anything yet until Abyss responds. Giving Abyss one final chance. “Abyss, where are you?” James Mitchell comes out. Mitchell introduces himself to Jimmy. Mitchell says he and Jacobs have a lot in common, they are both monster fans. Mitchell sold his soul to make Abyss champ, but the note cam due. Mitchell drove him too hard and Abyss’ personality splintered. Mitchell ended up losing his monster, his son. Jimmy is about to have to pay. He watched Jimmy abuse Joseph. Turned a blind eye when he hospitalized Chandler, destroyed the law offices, and humiliated Grandma Park. However, he poked the wrong bear. Mitchell thanks Jimmy for awakening the sleeping giant, Abyss. CLICK. DOOMSDAY. Abyss comes out and brawls with Kong. “Next week” is Monster’s Ball!

* Matt Sydal cuts promo in-ring. He says he wouldn’t be here without this man, his spirit guide, Josh Matthews. Josh comes out in the ring. Matthews has attempted to enlighten the masses. Matthews wants everyone to center their chi. Josh has a gift for Matt, it’s a mask of his “spirit animal.” Matt proclaims Josh the new Grand Champion.

* Tyrus defeats EC3.

* Allie defeated Sienna. Sutter comes out to talk to Allie. Just wants her to understand he’s reevaluating his life. When he goes to bed he sees “you Laurel…I mean Allie.” Sutter proposes to Allie. Su Yung ambushes Allie and lays her out.

* Alberto El Patron comes out. He says he’s ready for a fight, he’s got a real champion to fight, not a paper champion. Austin Aries vs Alberto El Patron at Redemption. Aries out. Aries says they aren’t that much different. They love pro wrestling, they’ve traveled the world, and competed at highest level. Aries says he is The Truth. AEP is disingenuous and full of BS. Let’s be men and call it like it is. Aries says AEP has a shot at the title at Redemption on April 22nd. Aries/Patron go face to face. AEP says Aries isn’t champ until he beats him. Aries and AEP shake hands. AEP tells Aries to enjoy the title because is coming back to the Pride of Mexico.

* Global Force Network match: Caleb Konley defeats Fallah Bahh with help from Trevor Lee.

* Matt Sydal defeats Rohit Raju.

* Aries has a contract for Redemption, calls AEP to come sign it. Aries asks for AEP’s “Juan Hancock” on the contract. Contract is signed. AEP says no mind-games of BS, he respects Aries. They shake hands, AEP leaves. Aries stops him. Aries tells them to play AEP’s music. Tells him to enjoy it, it’s the last opportunity he has to hear his music played last.

* Feast or Fire: Drake is first, he has a tag title shot. Petey has an X Division Title shot. EC3 is next and is FIRED. Moose has a world title shot. EC3 says it isn’t his case. It’s Ishimori’s case. EC3 says no one can make him open his case. JB opens it. EC3 is fired. EC3 says this is a joke, JB says this is very real, EC3 is done at Impact. EC3 says there is no way he should be fired for picking a briefcase in an outdated match. He is the franchise of this company and he has carried Impact on his back for 4 years. EC3 says he’s a Carter and this company needs him, he is Dixie Carter’s nephew! EC3 says he’s a man and a professional, he accepts his fate, this will light a spark in him that will lead to absolute greatness. He thanks JB, then picks up the briefcase and attacks JB. Brian Cage comes out and wrecks EC3. EC3 walks around ringside hugging fans as his music plays. He also hugs some of the staff. He obviously done with the company after tonight.

* Kongo Kong defeats Abyss in a Monster’s Ball Match.

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