Anthem Media is in Orlando, Florida tonight to tape an upcoming episode of Impact Wrestling. Here are are the spoilers from tonight’s show:

* Caleb Konley defeats Rohit Raju.

* JB announces that there are a few surprises here tonight.

* Matt Sydal retains his Grand Slam Championship over Fallah Bahh. No rounds or judges, The Grand Championship Match was a regular match.


* Lashley defeats KM.

* Kiera Hogan defeats Laurel Van Ness after she’s distracted by Allie.

* LAX comes out for an in-ring promo. Konnan calls out OVE. Out they come. Sami Callihan says he hates the LAX and the Impact Zone because OVE hates everything. Sami says he respects LAX but has bigger fish to fry now, so this feud is done. Sami claims in 2018 they will be the tag team champions again. Konnan says there are no bigger fish to fry because they are the whole damn tuna. Caleb Konley and Trevor Lee attack LAX. OVE bails.

* Moose & Johnny Impact defeat Alberto El Patron & EC3.

* Eli Drake & Chris Adonis make their way out. Chris Adonis is celebrating the life of Eli Drake. Former WWE Superstar Austin Aries interrupts. Austin Aries takes offense to Eli Drake saying he was The Greatest Man to ever live. Aries says if Eli wants to be the greatest, he has to beat Aries. Chris Adonis attack’s Aries from the back. Eli calls out a ref. The match is in progress.

* Eli Drake vs Austin Aries for the World title. Austin Aries defeats him for the title in a quick match.

* Taiji Ishimori & Matt Sydal defeat Rohit Raju & El Hijo Del Fantasma.

* Cult of Lee defeats T.E.C.H.

* LAX on the screen, Konnan let’s Cult of Lee know they are coming for them and there is nothing they can do.

* Kiera Hogan vs. Laurel Van Ness (Again) Non-title. Laurel gets the win and attacksHogan after the match. Allie makes the save and poses with the belt.

* Hania defeats Amber Nova. Rosemary attacks Hania after the match, Hania runs away.

* EC3 vs. Moose vs. Alberto El Patron vs. Johnny Impact. Johnny Impact pins EC3 and is the #1 contender to the World Title. Mosse is helped to the back after the match. He may have suffered an injury.

* Xplosion: OVE defeats T.E.C.H.

* Xplosion: Rosemary defeats Amber Nova.

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