Dinner With the King Recap – Big Praise From Ric Flair, Retirement Match Opponent, Finally Getting A WrestleMania Moment, More!

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Today’s episode of Dinner With the King was recorded live at Lawler’s BBQ restaurant, featuring Lawler’s co-host Glenn Moore and a group of fans.

The show opens with Moore asking Lawler about his history with Ric Flair. Lawler informs that he didn’t work a lot of matches with Flair because Flair was always a travelling Champion, and Lawler was based in Memphis because he owned the promotion there. The only times he worked with Flair was when Flair came through his promotion.

Lawler points out that Ric Flair didn’t have a gimmick. What you see is what you get with Flair, 365 days of the year. Moore asks Lawler if Flair was hard to work with back in those days, but Lawler can’t recall him being stubborn or hard to deal with. He informs that they rarely interacted with each other prior to their matches. They’d work their matches on the fly in the ring, and as soon as the match was over Flair would leave the building.

Lawler recalls a huge compliment Flair gave him years ago. It occurred in their hotel room after the infamous “Plane Ride From Hell”, as all the wrestlers and flight attendants were continuing their drinking there. One of the flight attendants were sitting on Lawler’s lap as Flair passed by him and saw. Flair turned around and said, “When it comes to women, King is my hero!” That was big praise coming from the man who apparently slept with 10,000 women.

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