Today’s episode of Dinner With the King was recorded live at Lawler’s BBQ restaurant, featuring Lawler’s co-host Glenn Moore and a group of fans.

The show opens with Moore asking Lawler about his history with Ric Flair. Lawler informs that he didn’t work a lot of matches with Flair because Flair was always a travelling Champion, and Lawler was based in Memphis because he owned the promotion there. The only times he worked with Flair was when Flair came through his promotion.

Lawler points out that Ric Flair didn’t have a gimmick. What you see is what you get with Flair, 365 days of the year. Moore asks Lawler if Flair was hard to work with back in those days, but Lawler can’t recall him being stubborn or hard to deal with. He informs that they rarely interacted with each other prior to their matches. They’d work their matches on the fly in the ring, and as soon as the match was over Flair would leave the building.

Lawler recalls a huge compliment Flair gave him years ago. It occurred in their hotel room after the infamous “Plane Ride From Hell”, as all the wrestlers and flight attendants were continuing their drinking there. One of the flight attendants were sitting on Lawler’s lap as Flair passed by him and saw. Flair turned around and said, “When it comes to women, King is my hero!” That was big praise coming from the man who apparently slept with 10,000 women.

Speaking about the “Plane Ride From Hell”, Lawler thinks that Michael Hayes still holds a grudge against him because of the events that transpired that night. Someone cut off Hayes’ ponytail on that flight and although Hayes mightn’t think that Lawler did it, he’s still angry about the fact that Lawler refused to tell him who did it.

A fan asks Lawler if he’ll ever make any more music. Lawler says that he never claimed to be a professional musician, but he always had a great time making music. He was lucky enough to be able to work with some great musicians in the past due to the notoriety he had from his wrestling career, and that resulted in him having some great experiences in the studio.

He admits that he’s very self-concious about his voice these days, stemming back to his cardiac arrest several years ago. When he suffered his cardiac arrest that night, the doctors put a ventilator down his throat and damaged his vocal chords, so he’s unsure if he’d be able to sing at this point.

Another listener speaks up and asks Lawler who he’d choose to have his last match with, if he were to retire. Lawler says he’d love to work his last match with John Cena or Randy Orton. Moore says he’d like to see Lawler end his career in a match against Terry Funk, and Lawler admits that would be a great choice as well.

Most of the fans in attendance say that they’d love to see Lawler work with Bill Dundee one final time. Lawler thinks that their matches back in the day were so good and believable because they didn’t really like each other in person. He thinks that Dundee was jealous of him and angry over the fact that he didn’t relinquish his top spot when Dundee started to rise up in the company. A fan mentions that there was a significant edge to their matches, and that’s probably why Jerry Jarrett kept booking them to work together.

Another fan asks Lawler if he was ever considered to win the King of the Ring Tournament in WWE. Lawler is unsure if he was ever considered to win that tournament, and he informs that he was never really involved in creative decisions like that.

He admits to being dissapointed every year when he didn’t get booked to work at WrestleMania. When he finally did get the opportunity to work with Michael Cole at WrestleMania he thought the opportunity for him to have a WrestleMania moment had come and gone. For this reason, he was very excited when he was told he’d be working that match.

That sums up this week’s episode of Dinner with the King. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

Steve Carrier

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