Talk is Jericho Recap w/ Don Callis – Wrestle Kingdom 12 Preview, How Did Omega vs. Jericho Come About? How Did McMahon React to the News? More!


Jericho welcomes his friend and NJPW Color Commentator, Don Callis to the show.

Callis recalls dealing with a 17-year old kid in Canada many years ago called Kenny Omega. He saw something in Omega even at that young age and he did everything he could to help him back then, even though Omega was somewhat of a “stupid kid”. Callis worked hard to get him booked at a few local shows and for one reason or another, Omega no-showed an event.

Years went by and they didn’t speak much, and then when Callis signed up for a Twitter account he received a message from Omega. Omega thanked Callis for the help from years prior and eventually told him that he might be able to get him a gig as the Color Commentator for NJPW. After a few weeks there was some confusion, and Lance Storm (Callis’ friend and podcast co-host) was actually offered the role by mistake.

The air eventually cleared and Callis began working as NJPW’s Color Commentator. He then began thinking of ways to help out Omega in return for getting him this gig, and he eventually started to brainstorm fresh ideas for Omega at Wrestle Kingdom 12. He came up with the idea of Omega vs. Jericho, two Winnipeg boys settling their differences in the Tokyo Dome, but he wasn’t sure that Jericho would be interested.

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