Conversation With the Big Guy Recap – Thoughts on Elias, WWE Banning Finishing Moves, Neville Returning to WWE? More!

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Ryback opens today’s show by informing that he’s going to be taking more indie bookings starting in March. He has one more injury that he has to take care of, hopefully in January, and he’s currently in discussions with WWE doctors about how to address it because the injury was suffered during his time working in WWE.

He speaks about selling some of his wrestling gear to fans. He mentions that he’s sold some of his singlets for thousands of dollars in the past, and he’s also sold his full ring gear including boots, gloves, kneepads and elbow pads for even more money.

Some fans are willing to pay a lot for memorabilia, especially ring worn materials. He also adds that it costs him $400-$500 to have one of his singlets made, so these people are only paying double the price for a legitimate, ring-worn piece of wrestling memorabilia.

Ryback talks about creating goals for yourself and doing everything in your power to achieve them. He’s only ever had one goal that he’s been unable to achieve, and that was becoming WWE Champion. He was in the WWE Title picture for a while but was unable to win the Belt, and he quickly realized that becoming WWE Champion was something that he couldn’t control, so he’s accepted that he mightn’t achieve that goal.

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