Austin welcomes Sasha Banks and Bayley to the show.

Bayley mentions that her and Banks have been working a lot of live events as a tag team recently, but they haven’t really been told that they’re going to be a team moving forward. Banks thinks they work well together but they haven’t really implemented any ‘team’ moves yet so she thinks they can do more of that in the future. They both enjoy working with each other as a team, but they also miss working solo matches from time to time.

Austin mentions that when you break into the wrestling business at first you travel with multiple people from town to town. As you begin to make more money you start to travel alone or you find one other person to travel with. Banks and Bayley inform that they’ve paired up and they travel everywhere together. Their routine includes arriving in the town for that night’s show, eating breakfast, finding a coffee shop and then hitting the gym.


Banks informs that they’re not particular when it comes to finding hotels, and as long as the room is reasonable they’d prefer to save their money and rent cheaper rooms. She does admit that they had a terrible experience sharing a room together in a 2-star hotel one time, where they shared a twin bed with only one thin blanket. They slept with all their clothes on because they were concerned with the cleanliness of the bed.

Bayley informs that she’s a big crossfit fan, and she goes to the gym 5 days a week. Banks isn’t as heavy into crossfit as Bayley, but she does enjoy going to crossfit gyms where there is more space. Banks’ priority is looking and feeling good, and she feels very strong at the moment.

Banks informs that she was a huge fan of wrestling from a very young age, and she was immediately enthralled with the physical, in-ring portion of the presentation more-so than the promos or entertainment segments. She grew up loving Eddie Guerrero more than Brock Lesnar because even at that age she could appreciate the way Guerrero worked in the ring.

Banks informs that she’s a morning person and she loves to be up in the morning to begin her daily hunt for nice coffee shops. Because of this, she tries to get as much sleep as possible during her flights from town to town. Austin informs that he could never sleep well on planes and he was always jealous of people who could.

Austin informs that he still has the Austin 3:16 four-wheeler that he used on Monday Night RAW for years. It was initially painted camouflage but they decided to paint it black because they thought that would look cooler on television. He went out to his ranch and started it up a few days ago and even though it’s a 2003 model, it only has 106 hours of driving on it so it’s basically brand new.

A listener writes into the show and asks Austin if he has any good memories about working in Evansville, Indiana back in the day. Austin remembers Evansville having good crowds and he had fun working there with the guys. Evansville was in their regular loop of towns which included Nashville as well. They’d always be paid their weekly cheque on the night they worked Evansville so he always loved that day of the week, even though he was only making $100/week.

Another listener writes into the show and asks Austin if he’d prefer to be the recipient of a Stone Cold Stunner or a Stun Gun. Austin says he’d much rather take a Stunner than a Stun Gun because the Stun Gun can actually be a pretty dangerous move if it’s not delivered correctly. On the other hand, he considers the Stunner to be one of the safest finishing moves there is, as long as you don’t bite your tongue while taking it.

Austin says the key to having a great finishing move is that it has to look good but it also needs to be safe. You also need to have a move that you can deliver safely to any opponent, big or small.

That sums up this week’s episode of The Steve Austin Show Unleashed. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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