Steve Austin Show Unleashed Recap w/ Sasha Banks & Bayley – Working as a Tag Team, Life on the Road, Stunner vs. Stun Gun, More!

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Austin welcomes Sasha Banks and Bayley to the show.

Bayley mentions that her and Banks have been working a lot of live events as a tag team recently, but they haven’t really been told that they’re going to be a team moving forward. Banks thinks they work well together but they haven’t really implemented any ‘team’ moves yet so she thinks they can do more of that in the future. They both enjoy working with each other as a team, but they also miss working solo matches from time to time.

Austin mentions that when you break into the wrestling business at first you travel with multiple people from town to town. As you begin to make more money you start to travel alone or you find one other person to travel with. Banks and Bayley inform that they’ve paired up and they travel everywhere together. Their routine includes arriving in the town for that night’s show, eating breakfast, finding a coffee shop and then hitting the gym.

Banks informs that they’re not particular when it comes to finding hotels, and as long as the room is reasonable they’d prefer to save their money and rent cheaper rooms. She does admit that they had a terrible experience sharing a room together in a 2-star hotel one time, where they shared a twin bed with only one thin blanket. They slept with all their clothes on because they were concerned with the cleanliness of the bed.

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