Vince Russo’s The Brand Recap – Financial Implications to Kane as WWE Champion, Defending Cena & Elias, Balor Doesn’t Stack up, More!


Russo is joined on today’s show by his co-host Jeff Lane.

Lane mentions that Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer spoke about WWE’s Universal Title picture this past week, saying WWE would be stupid to put the Title on Kane, even though that wouldn’t affect revenue. Russo says he disagrees completely, pointing out that the television product absolutely does affect revenue in regards to merchandise sales and live event ticket sales.

Meltzer was also critical of WWE’s usage of Paul Heyman recently, saying WWE should use Heyman for more than just an introduction when he’s live at RAW because he’s one of the best promo guys in the business. Russo says he can’t remember the last time Heyman cut a good promo, pointing out that Heyman says the exact same thing week after week.

Meltzer and his co-host Bryan Alvarez went on to speak about John Cena’s match with Elias from this week’s RAW. They both agreed that for all the people who praise Cena’s wrestling ability, he didn’t look good at all during this week’s match. Russo can’t believe the nerve of Meltzer and Alvarez who criticized Cena for his work in this match when in reality, Cena was simply doing WWE a favour by appearing live on Christmas Day when he should have been home with his family.

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