The Steve Austin Show Recap w/ Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake – Developing ‘Barber’ Gimmick, Backstage Notes Surrounding WrestleMania I, Parasailing Accident, More!

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Austin welcomes Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake to the show.

Beefcake informs that he was working for about 7 years when he got the call to work for WWE. Vince McMahon Jr. had taken over the company from his father by this point, and he quickly established a good working relationship with him. He was very intimidated by all the McMahons at first, but after getting to know them he had a great relationship with all of them.

Austin asks Beefcake about the origins of his name and gimmick. Beefcake informs that his initial name was supposed to be ‘Baron Beefcake’, and his ring gear would include a top hat and tuxedo. As he, McMahon and other WWE officials were brainstorming ideas someone suggested ‘Brutus’ and that’s the name that stuck.

He admits that he wasn’t fond of the ‘Brutus Beefcake’ name. Working for WWE was his big break and he feared that with a name like that, people would laugh at him and wouldn’t take him seriously. McMahon didn’t like the name either, but they proceeded with that nonetheless.

Soon ‘The Barber’ idea came about, and that’s what really got people’s attention in his opinion. With a crazy name like “Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake” he knew that he had to act crazy in order to live the gimmick. He thinks that McMahon fell in love with the character when he started to see the fans’ reaction to him.

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