Predicting AJ Styles’ Next Challengers for the WWE Championship

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2017 looks to be ending on a high note. AJ Styles vanquished Jinder Mahal, which pretty much means Mahal is dropping out of the title picture, at least for now. What lies ahead for AJ in 2018? It’s a brave new world out there; what sorts of dangers await him there?

Here are some people who could be challenging AJ Styles for the WWE Championship next year.


Baron Corbin

This may seem an odd answer, but hear me out. Corbin just lost the United States Championship to Dolph Ziggler, and he is seething. All signs point to Ziggler perhaps dropping the title to Bobby Roode, but that’s something for a different blog post. Should Roode and Ziggler be locking horns for the star-spangled belt, this frees up Corbin to move up the card.

I truly believe that Corbin has grown as a performer. He’s improved immensely, and to deny that is absurd. Whether or not he is WWE Champion material is another story altogether, it’s not out of the question to see Corbin challenging AJ Styles.

This could be a good match. Styles and Jinder Mahal just had an excellent match, so there’s no reason to assume that Corbin and AJ couldn’t do the same. Their US championship match on Smackdown was pretty great. Don’t sleep on Corbin.

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