WWE Clash of Champions 2017 Live Results

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WWE Clash of Champion’s 2017 kicks-off from Boston with a video package, before Bobby Roode makes his glorious entrance. Dolph Ziggler is out second, followed by the Champion and we get ring introductions.

United States Championship Match
(C) Baron Corbin Vs. Dolph Ziggler Vs. Bobby Roode

We start things off with a three-way standoff, Ziggler and Roode form a temporary alliance to put Corbin out of the ring, following outside after him and beating on him some more. They clothesline him over the barricade! Bobby turns on Dolph first, right hand, rolling him inside, catching the superkick, Glorious DDT countered with a back body drop and a pin, no good, off the ropes, Manhattan Drop to a Russian legsweep, only a two count!

Throwing Roode outside of the ring, Corbin runs him over with a lariat, right hand cuts Dolph off in the ropes. Back in with Roode, putting him into the turnbuckle and striking him in the middle of the ring after, a hammer whip puts the Glorious One into the buckles back first hard. Shoulder thrusts to the kidneys, another right hand, and Baron rolls outside to put Ziggler into the barricade for good measure.

Back in, headed for Bobby but he’s recovered enough to rally, kick to the guts, chops and punches, off the ropes but he runs into the side slam… Dolph makes the save! Shotei from Corbin puts Ziggler in the corner, he puts boots to him. Over to Roode, outside and back in, Ziggler wiped out and they trade blows. Bobby lays him out with a lariat, corner clariat, whip reversed, boot up, to the second and he hits the blockbuster for two.

Corbin rolls outside, Dolph looking for the Zig Zag but Roode blocks, boots up in the corner, leap over, Fameasser connects… Corbin breaks it up! He rips his t-shirt off and hits charging body avalanches on both guys but they fight back and a dropkick puts him out of commission. Roode hits a Rock Bottom on Ziggler, Baron recovers, Deep Six on Bobby but it only earns a near-fall. Baron sets Roode up top and climbing after him, the Glorious One knocks him down with rights but Dolph runs over to join him! Right hands, Baron stands up under them and we get a huge tower of doom! A cover comes up empty but the Lone Wolf is still on the only man standing. He grabs Dolph an looks for a backbreaker but he slips out and passes him shoulder-first into the post!

Ziggler tunes up the band but Bobby sidesteps and hits the spinning spinebuster! He does the Glorious taunt and looks for his finish but Dolph ducks the DDT and hits one of his own ony for Roode to kick out. Corbin  comes back in, he dumps Ziggler onto the apron but Roode low bridges him outside. Bobby turns around and catches a superkick from Ziggler, catapults him into the corner and hits the Glorious DDT! Baron reappears and tries to throw Roode away but Roode throws him outside, makes the cover but Corbin pulls him from the ring. Corbin nails Roode with a backbreaker on the outside and brings him inside. Corbin looks for the End of Days but Ziggler jumps and hits him with a Zig Zag and wins!!

Winner and New WWE United States Champion: Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler celebrates his huge win after the match and the fans seem genuinely surprised.

We go backstage to see Daniel Bryan. Shane walks in and asks Bryan why he has inserted himself into tonight’s match, to which Bryan says he’s too hot-headed and emotionally invested to be impartial. Shane half agrees but still seems annoyed before leaving.

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