Cody Rhodes Addresses Rumors of CM Punk Possibly Appearing at His Show


While speaking to The Pro Wrestling Illustrated podcast, Cody Rhodes addressed rumors of former WWE Superstar CM Punk possibly appearing at his upcoming 10,000 seat arena event and mentioned that he can be a part of it if he wanted.

“The first thing everyone said when this story broke was, ‘You’ve got to get CM Punk.’ I love CM Punk. The fans never gave up on CM Punk. If CM Punk wants to part of ‘All In,’ he can be part of ‘All In.’ But I am not putting it on him to draw those 10,000 seats. If we did have CM Punk, we would not tell you we had CM Punk—unless we didn’t sell any tickets (laughing).”

Rhodes also commented on the possibility of Daniel Bryan being a part of the show.

“The main thing is I want Dan to be happy and healthy. But I know Dan knows what we’re thinking and when we’re thinking. So if that’s something that, if we could, that would be wonderful match. And I think it would be wonderful to do it for the Ring of Honor world title, being it that he has such roots with the company of old. The company today doesn’t look anything like it used to so I think that would be interesting. But we’re exploring all kinds of options.”

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