The whole point of Clash of Champions is that every champion must defend their title. The chances of a title changing hands are quite high. Multi-man matches such as the triple threat for the US Championship and the fatal four-way tag team match almost guarantee a change in champions.

I believe that we’re going to see new champions come Sunday. Who do I believe will be a champion after Clash of Champions?


United States Champion: Baron Corbin


The whole point of booking a Triple Threat is so that the champion can lose their title without being pinned. However, I think that this Sunday, Corbin retains, but not by pinning Bobby Roode. I’m not a betting man, but I’d bet a considerable sum on Dolph Ziggler eating the pin.

It’s far too early to take the title off Baron Corbin. He’s found his groove as a character and as a champion. To take it away from him now would a a tad odd, to say the least. Besides, a babyface chasing the title is a much more compelling tale. A chase would provide Bobby Roode with some character other than “glorious is my word of the day.”

The strange addition of Ziggler to the match pretty much means he’s there to protect the loser. It’s sad, but it’s true. Corbin is pinning Ziggler, and this extends the feud to at least another month.


Smackdown Women’s Champion: Carmella

Carmella’s been holding the Money in the Bank contract for an awful long time. It’s not unlikely that she cashes in. In fact, I think it’s quite likely. The lumberjack match stipulation pretty much ensures that the Riott Squad will be involved in the match at Clash of Champions. Should Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan, and Sarah Logan interrupt the match and decimate both Charlotte and Natalya, who should pick the bones but Ms. Money in the Bank herself?

This frees up Charlotte to team up with Naomi to face the growing threat that is the Riott Squad. This leaves a possible dearth of challengers for Carmella should she become champion, but it is what it is. The absence of Becky Lynch is affecting the division, but I honestly believe Carmella is walking away from Boston with the Smackdown Women’s Championship.

Smackdown Tag Team Champions: The Usos

Amidst the sea of bodies fighting for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship, only one tandem will emerge victorious. As much as I would like to see Aiden English and Rusev pick up the win and the titles, I believe the Usos are retaining at Clash of Champions.

WWE seems to be heavily invested in Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin, and with good reason. Gable is low-key charismatic, and Benjamin is a much better character now than he was before. Combine this with their insane wrestling skills, and you have a winning combo for a tag team.

It’s clear that one day Gable and Benjamin will dethrone the Usos, but it will not happen at Clash of Champions. Either the New Day or (heaven forbid) Aiden English and Rusev eat the pin. But the Usos are retaining.


WWE Champion: AJ Styles

I enjoyed Jinder’s reign as much as the next guy (that is, not a lot), but he should stay away from the WWE Championship for a while. Should he win the WWE Championship again, he will have no more challengers to face him.

If and when AJ beats Jinder, he can begin 2018 with a good WWE Championship reign. I don’t know yet who he can fight from January onwards, but it sure as hell won’t be Jinder. I hope.

Steve Carrier

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