The Dawgs vs. Cheeseburger & Mystery Partner

The mystery partner was Delirious. He started out with Will Ferrara. They went back and forth on the match. Cheeseburger tagged in. The Dawgs worked him over. Paul Crockett, apparently delirious, just told me the Dawgs should be in the main event of the Tokyo Dome. Delirious tagged in and ran Ferrara into the turnbuckles face-first. Ferrara cut him off with a knee to the mid-section. Rhett Titus nailed a slingshot on his own partner, who was sent flying into Delirious, nailing a clothesline. They continued double teamed Delirious for a long time. Titus nailed a running Facewash in the corner.

Cheeseburger finally made the hot tag and hit a carthwheel into a bodypress. He nailed a big superkick followed by a German suplex for a two count. Ferrara charged Delirious who nailed a drop toehold into the buckles. Titus charged but was laid out as well. Cheeseburger nailed a pescado to the floor on Titus. He ascended to the top for a big knee. Burger and Delirious both covered him for the pin but Titus broke it up. They nailed a double team double underhook slam on Delirious and scored the pin.


Your winners, The Dawgs!

Paul Crockett was beyond excited they won. Good to have Paul and Chris Boyce here tonight.

Josh Woods vs. Jonathan Gresham

Lots of good grappling early. They went back and forth with some good mat wrestling. Gresham stole the win with a surprise pin.

Your winner Jonathan Gresham!

Realy fluid, good matwrestling. I enjoyed the hell out of this.


The PPV opened with a very good video previewing all the top matches for the show. I am here at Hammerstein but also streaming it on Fite TV to my cellphone and it’s flawless.

They had some really cool camera angles looking down on the entire venue as the show opened.

Colt Cabana and Ian Riccaboni ran down the top matches.

Matt Taven (with Vinnie Marseglia and TK O’Ryan) vs. Will Ospreay

The fans were hot for Ospreay, chanting his name. SUPER hot opening with dives from Ospreay hitting a big kick and then hitting a dive to the members of the Kingdom on the floor. Taven then hit an Awesome Dive to the floor. When they returned to the ring, all sorts of back and forth until Ospreay kicked Taven to the floor, then faked out a dive. Taven cut him off and worked him over in the corner. Ospreay kicked off a charge. He went to the top but was knocked to the apron. He rebounded with a springboard enziguri. vOspreay was knocked out of the ring and sent into the guard rail by Marseglia. He was tossed back in, where Taven worked him over. The crowd tried to rally Ospreay, who went for a leaping rana but was caught, powerbombed and kicked in the head. Ospreay made a comeback and nailed a flying clothesline. Ospreay nailed a standing shooting star press for a two count. Ospreay dove up for a back elbow. Taven kicked him in the head. Taven worked him over and locked on a Liontamer. Ospreay fought his way out but was taken back down by Taven.

Ospreay rolled him up for a two count but Taven cut him off with a knee to the mid-section. Ospreay nailed a crescent kick. They went back and forth. It was very good stuff. Lots of good chemistry. Taven nailed a frog splash but Ospreay pulled him into a small package in mid-air, which looked awesome. Ospreay went for the Ozcutter but Taven caught him and turned it into a DDT variation for the pin.

Your winner, Matt Taven!

War Machine vs. The Addiction

Everyone starting brawling at the bell. Hanson worked over Daniels. The Addiction caught Hanson and worked him over with strikes and kicks, beating him down in the corner. Kazarian nailed a clothesline in the corner;. Daniels followed. They hit them again and again. Rowe returned to the fray and dropkicked both members of the Addiction at the same time. He picked up Kazarian and nailed an overhead throw suplex. He suplexed Kazarian from the outside in, but Daniels tripped him. The flow of the match returned to the Addiction as they teamed to work over Rowe. Hanson tried to get in to make the save but was held back by the referee.

Rowe mounted a comeback and drilled Daniels atop of Kazarian with a big Uranage. He made the hot tag to Hanson, who cleaned house with big right hands on each. They nailed several kicks to try and stop him but the effort was fleeting. Hanson slammed them both atop of the buckles, stacked up and beat them with big shots, then hit a big bronco buster. War Machine hit a Doomsday Device combo with a back suplex on Daniels but Kazarian broke it up.

Daniels rolled up Rowe for a two count but the referee saw him hook the tights and stopped the pin. Daniels then tried to use the ropes to cheat and score a pin. Kazarian nailed a backcracker on Rowe, followed by a Tomakaze. Hanson broke up the pinfall and drilled both of them with hard shots to the chest. Kazarian and Daniels grabbed him and nailed a back suplex on Hanson, slamming him atop of Rowe, Daniels went for a tombstone on Rowe but Hanson prevented it. Everyone battled. Kazarian nailed a slingshot into a cutter.

They continued battling back and forth. Hanson hit a handspring elbow on each of the Addiction, then hit a tope suicida to the floor on Kazarian. War Machine nailed their finisher on Daniels and scored the pin.

Your winners, War Machine!

They aired a recap on Jay Lethal vs. Marty Scurll with the idea that Scurll has challenged him to bring out the rulebreaker Lethal.

Marty Scurll vs. Jay Lethal

Back and forth chants for each at the bell. They shook hands with animosity. They locked up, feeling each other out early. Lethal’s arm was worked over but he fired up with punches and a hiptoss. Lethal nailed a chop in the corner. He hit the handspring into a dropkick. Scurll tried to hide behind the referee and used that to take over on Lethal. Scurll nailed a superkick on the apron, sending Lethal to the floor. They battled on the floor and back to the ring. Lethal nailed a springboard dropkick out of the corner. Lethal nailed a pair of dives.

They fired back and forth with big kicks. Scurll tied him up for a two count but Lethal kicked out. Lethal locked in a Human Torture Rack and slammed Scurll for a two count. They ended up on the floor again, fighting back and forth. Scurll nailed a DDT off the apron to the floor. They battled to the apron, where Scurll chopped Lethal down and nailed kicks. They fired back and forth with chops. Lethal nailed an Ace Cutter off the apron to the floor.

Lethal tossed him back in the ring and went for a handspring elbow but was caught in the Chickenwing. Lethal rolled over him and scored a two count. Scurll shoved Lethal into the referee and snapped Jay with a superkick. Scurll went under the ring and grabbed a steel chair. He went to use it but instead did the Eddie Guerrero bit, tossing it to Jay and laying down. Jay outsmarted him and put the chair around his neck and laid down. Big Eddie chant. Scurrll protested to the ref he didn’t do anything. Lethal nailed a small package for a two count.

Scurrl scored with some kicks but was locked inside the figure four leglock. He fought and finally made it to the ropes, forcing a break. Scurll retreated to the floor. He grabbed an umbrella from under the ring but Jay snatched it. The referee took it away, but Scurll got another and smashed it over Lethal as the ref removed the other. Lethal was worked over but made a comeback with the handspring elbow and finally scored the pin.

Your winner, Jay Lethal!

ROH Tag Team champions The Motor City Machineguns vs. Chuck Taylor & Trent Beretta

All the fast paced wrestling you’d expect going in. Crowd was really into the Best Freinds. The Guns and the Friends both teased dives on the other. It ended up with Beretta almost hitting a dive on Taylor but they stopped it and hugged. The Guns attacked them and nailed dives to the outside. The Guns placed Beretta in the tree of woe and double teamed him. They whipped Taylor towards him, the pulled him by the legs, putting his crotch in Beretta’s upside down face. Beretta battled back against both Guns but was caught and hit with the Dream Sequence. Lots of big spots, way too fast to recap. This was all balls to the wall action. Lots of near falls and pins being broken up. The Best Friends set up for a combination double stomp and Kryptonite Krunch. Shelley nailed a sliced bread #2 off the ringpost. The Guns finally scored the pin.

Your winners and still ROH Tag Team champions, The Motor City Machineguns!

ROH TV champion Kenny King vs. Punishment Martinez vs. Shane Taylor vs. Silas Young

Martinez got a big theatrical entrance with a coffin, all sorts of dark, evil looking female followers and a slow, strolling entrance. That was different.

Kenny had two women tossing roses pedals down for his entrance.

King and Young started out. King rolled through him with a shoulderblock. King and Young went back and forth until King snapped a suplex. Young backed up in the corner and tagged out to Martinez. Martinez methodically entered the ring and faced off with the champion. Martinez worked over King who leapt back up to his feet but was Taylor tagged himself in. Taylor battled with Young on the floor. Martinez prepared for a dive but King nailed a spinkick and hit a nice pescado to the floor. Martinez recovered in the ring and hit a great looking running flip off the top rope.

Back in the ring, King went for a superplex on Martinez but was shoved off. Martinez came off the ropes with a spinkick for a two count. Lots of big moves as they battled. Lots of highspots. Martinez nailed a Blockbuster off the top. Taylor nailed a big Michinoku Driver on King but Martinez nailed a Superman Punch. Taylor wiped him out and nailed a big splash for a two count. Martinez attacked Taylor and scored the pin.

Taylor was eliminated.

Martinez nailed hip attacks on the remaining competitors. He drilled King with a big right hand. He picked up King for a Human Torture Rack. King escaped. Martinez was drilled by Young, knocked to the floor. Young hit a diving splash off the apron to the floor. King hit dive to the floor and all three battled with each other. King and Young teamed up to nail a Blockbuster off the apron to the floor on Martinez. Young tossed Martinez into the ring. He rolled up King for a two count. The Beer City Bruiser distracted the ref. Young broke a bottle over King’s head and scored the pin,

King was been eliminated. There will be a new champ tonight.

Martinez and Young battled back and forth with forearms and punches. Martinez nailed a big elbow to the face. Martinez came off the ropes but was caught and nailed with the rolling Samoan drop. Martinez worked over Young, who was pulled to the floor by the Beer City Bruiser. Martinez nailed a big dive over the ringpost to the floor on both, which looked awesome. Martinez went for a powerbomb on the apron but Young slipped out and tackled him into the ring barriers. He nailed a series of knees into the barricade.

Young tossed Martinez back in the ring but was caught with a big high knee. Martinez missed a hip attack in the corner. Young went on the offensive wiuth a series of moves. He nailed a series of knee strikes. Martonez went for a kick but Young ducked and nailed the spinning TKO for the pin.

Your winner and new ROH TV champion, Silas Young!

Tommy Dreamer & Bully Ray vs. The Briscoes – NYC STREETFIGHT

Ray and Dreamer came out in the balcony and drank some beers Sandman styles before hitting the ring.

The Briscoes jumped them as they hit the ringside area. They all brawled on the floor. Dreamer nailed Mark with a trash can. Ray and Jay exchanged punches on the floor. Jay worked over Dreamer and whipped him into the ropes but Dreamer nailed a high cross bodyblock for a two count. Lots of ECW chants. Dreamer nailed a flip dive off the apron to the floor on Jay. Mark went for one on Dreamer but missed. Bully hit a running splash off the apron onto the Briscoes. Frenzied start.

Dreamer grabbed another trash can and nailed Mark Briscoe. He tossed Mark into the ring. Ray nailed Jay with a trash can and tossed it into the air. Jay whipped Bully into the ringpost. Dreamer worked over Mark with punches but was tackled and clotheslined down by Jay. Jay hit an insane dive on Bully. Mark tossed chairs into the ring. Jay did the same. The Briscoes kicked and beat down Bully and Dreamer. Mark nailed a big dropkick in the corner on Dreamer and bit his face.

They grabbed chairs and slammed them into each other. The Briscoes lost that war and were nailed across the back. The Briscoes retreated to the floor. They grabbed Singapore Canes. Dreamer and Bully went to the floor and pulled out lightsabers. The crowd chanted “Holy sh**.” and “Use the Force.” Dreamer and Bully ducked cane shots and nailed some clubbering elbows. Ray slammed Jay and drilled a chair into his face. Dreamer followed that up by nailing one with the kitchen sink.

Bully called for tables and the former ECW stars went for them. They pulled one out but Mark dropkicked the table. Mark grabbed Dreamer and dropped him atop the guard rail, crotching him. He pulled a ladder out from under the ring. Bully was busted open. Mark placed a ladder atop of Dreamer and nailed a flip off the apron onto the ladder on the floor. Jay Briscoe worked over Bully on the floor, increasing the flow of blood. Bully was tossed into the ring, where he dazed and out of it, tried to grab a chair to defend himself. Jay grabbed a cheese grater and ripped it across Bully’s face.

Jay nailed a neckbreaker with a chair around the neck of Dreamer. Mark bit Bully’s bloody face. He drilled him across the back with a chair. Jay drilled Bully and charged him but was backdropped over the corner to the floor. They battled back to the ring where Ray nailed a sick Bubbabomb. They each brandished chairs and Jay snapped his so hard Bully’s went flying out of his hands as he was wiped out. Jay set up the table in the corner to use on Bully who kicked him off. Bully nailed Mark as well. Dreamer returned to the fray and they did the 3D into a neckbreaker. Dreamer began tuning up Mark with cane shots and nailed a reverse suplex using the cane in between the legs.

Dreamer went for the Spicoli Driver off the apron and nailed it through a table to the floor. Bully beat on Jay with a cane and placed him on a table, then hit a splash off the top through the table for a two count. He set up another table and Dreamer pulled out lighter fluid. Bully spread it on the table but Mark nailed Dreamer then attacked Bully. The Briscoes attacked Bully and attempted to put him through the table with a 3D. The table didn’t break. Ouch. They put Bully back on it and Mark came off the top with the froggy elbow, putting Ray through it and setting up Jay to make the pin.

Live in the building (but not on the PPV), Ray took his boots off and saluted the crowd, potentially teasing that he has officially retired. He hugged Dreamer and they took a long time to leave the ring, even saluting the fans as ROH went to Ian Riccaboni on the stage during the broadcast.

Ian Riccaboni announced they would begin a tournament to crown the first ROH Women of Honor champion, featuring STARDOM talents, in Nashville at their TV taping on 1/20/18.

Lots of Bullet Club love in the crowd. Lots of crazy lucha libre/Michinoku Pro style stuff with synchronized spots including a huge triple dive over the top to the floor onto Page and the Jacksons. The challengers worked over Matt Jackson’s arm. Lots of near falls and two counts. The Bucks quarantined Gordon and caught him with a dropkick. Page hit a dropkick into a moonsault. Way too many highspots to cover. Page moonsaulted to the floor off the top on the challengers. Matt did an insane running flip off the ramp to everyone at the bottom of the ring steps. Lots of craziness here. The superkicks began to come out, which the crowd went nuts for. Jackson hit a springboard into a DDT off the apron on Dragon Lee. Flip Gordon’s ability to land on his feet is ridiculous. Matt Jackson accidentally superkicked his brother. Lee grabbed Matt for a sitdown Michinoku Driver.

Jackson nailed a springboard into a Facebuster. Gordon nailed a 450 splash but Jackson pulled his knees up. Jackson nailed a Facebuster and hit an Asai Moonsault. Page hit his shooting star shoulderblock as Jackson nailed a tombstone on the floor. Gordon was trple teamed in the ring. He went for a quebrada to save himself and was triple superkicked on the way down. They Bucks hit a spike double tombstone and scored the pin.

Your winners and still ROH Six Man Tag Team champions, The Young Bucks & Adam Page!

The usual absolute instanity you’d expect.

The Addiction and Scorpio Sky attacked the champs after the match. They then laid out Flip Gordon as well.

ROH champion Cody Rhodes vs. Dalton Castle

Cody was now sporting blonde hair and came out with the new ROH championship belt.

The Boys were back with Dalton Castle.

Back and forth wrestling early on. Rhodes tried to stall but Castle went to the floor and attacked him from behind with a right hand. He tossed the champ in the ring but was caught returning to the ring and nailed with a neckbreaker. Cody stalked Castle and drilled him with knees to the mid-section. Castle tried to roll up Cody for a two count. Rhodes snatched him in a choke but Castle made it to the ropes. Castle was tossed to the floor. Cody nailed him and tossed Castle into the stairs at the bottom of the stage.

He dragged Castle the ringside area. They battled near the ringside table, which Cody powerbombed Castle through. Rhodes grabbed a chair and stalked Castle around the ring. One of the Boys took the chair. Brandi went to the top and came off to the floor with a bodypress on the Boys. The referee ejected all three and Brandi chased them to the back. Rhodes worked over Castle in the ring and did pushups. They battled back and forth with punches, slugging it out.

Castle nailed Rhodes with a clothesline, blocked a kick and slammed the champ. Castle went for a back suplex but was backed into the corner hard. Castle ducked a clothesline and caught Cody attempting the Disaster Kick, tossing him overhead with a suplex. Rhodes grabbed Castle and went to crotch him by pulling him into the ringpost but Castle pulled his legs back. Cody was pulled into the ringpost and came up bloody.

Castle beat Rhodes all over the ringside area. He brought Castle back in and sent him hard into the buckles. They went back to the floor and returned to the ring. Castle went for the Bangarang but Cody escaped. The referee was accidentally knocked out. Castle locked on a submission and Cody tapped but there was no referee. Dalton went for the Bangarang but it was turned into Cross Rhodes for a two count

Rhodes nailed the Disaster Kick. Castle came back to nail the Bangarang and pinned Cody clean and won the title.

Your winner and new ROH champion, Dalton Castle!

They dumped a TON AND I MEAN A TON OF CONFETTI from the ceiling to mark the title change as Castle and the Boys celebrated in the ring.

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