Predicting the Next Big WWE Superstars of 2018

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2017 was an interesting year, to say the least. Jinder Mahal won the WWE Championship. Luke Harper was almost in the main event of Wrestlemania, and then he became a Bludgeon Brother. Elias hit Finn Balor with a guitar. There is no doubt that a handful of stars were made in 2017.

Will 2018 be good to some people? I certainly hope so.  Here are some people I think have a chance to make it big come 2018.


Aiden English

Many people wondered how much potential Aiden English had after the Vaudevillains split up. He was a jobber. His defeat against Tye Dillinger seemingly cemented his spot at the bottom of the card. He wouldn’t stay there, though.

English has quickly become one of the most entertaining parts of Smackdown. His tag team with Rusev shouldn’t really work, but both men are so talented that they have made it their own. Now they’re in the Tag Team title picture. They probably won’t win, but it’s definitely something.

Come 2018, I expect both English and Rusev to become stars. Rusev was already established, what with him being a two-time US Champion, but this is a big boost to English’s stock. I expect big things from him next year.



Funnily enough, Elias is one NXT’s most successful call-ups. People boo the hell out of this guy, which is exactly what needs to happen. Sure, he and Aiden English kinda do the same thing, but they’re different enough that they’re not carbon copies of each other.

Right now, Elias isn’t doing a heck of a lot, but in 2018, that could all change. His Intercontinental Championship match against Roman Reigns was actually really good. Both men delivered in that match, and Elias came out of that looking like a star.

All that Elias really needs is that one feud. It doesn’t have to be a main-event feud. It just has to be a good one. Once that happens, he’ll be a made man for sure. People weren’t really expecting much out of Elias, but he has proved them all wrong and has a chance to become one of Raw’s biggest stars.

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