Clash of Champions: Three Things That Must Happen


There are big things going down next Sunday at Clash of Champions. Jinder Mahal gets his rematch for the WWE Championship. The Usos are defending their titles in a Fatal Four-Way Tag Team match (holla holla). Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens might lose their jobs.

There is a lot that could happen, no doubt about it. Maybe Natalya wins again. Maybe Rusev and Aiden English become tag team champions. But while there are many things that could happen, here are some things that should happen.

Baron Corbin Retains the United States Championship

Baron Corbin has found his groove. He was an unlikable dickhead before, but now that he has the US title, he’s grown increasingly more arrogant and obnoxious. His promos have improved (I guess we can thank the Miz for that), and his in-ring work has always been solid and crisp. I think he’s a great champion.

Meanwhile, Bobby Roode has struggled a bit with his character. He likes to fight and say “glorious” a lot, like he just found out what it means and wants to insert it into his every sentence. A good title chase could perhaps help a bit with that.

The addition of Dolph Ziggler to the match at Clash of Champions is an interesting move. Many would definitely say he’s there to eat the pin, be it from Roode or from Corbin. For what it’s worth, I think Corbin should retain this time.

If Corbin loses the title this Sunday, his reign clocks out a measly 70 days. He should be given more time to run with the title and prove himself. Roode could also benefit from a bit of direction. Him chasing after the United States title could provide him with some. I also think their promos together are highly enjoyable, but maybe that’s just me.

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