While appearing on Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez asked Chris Jericho if he has any plans to wrestle a match during his Rock-N-Wrestling Rager cruise next year.

Jericho revealed that he has never had any plans to actually wrestle on the cruise because he’s going to be the person in charge. Jericho explained that a lot goes into a match and he wouldn’t be able to host the cruise and also wrestle a match. Jericho mentioned that he plans recording a few podcasts while on the cruise.

Jericho talked about people’s theories about his Twitter war with Kenny Omega and it having a blow-off match on the cruise. Jericho explained that he wouldn’t start a build for a match a year-beforehand. Jericho says it’s cool that people started coming up with all these theories because it creates a lot of buzz for the cruise and his upcoming Wrestle Kingdom match against Omega, but ultimately there are no plans for him to wrestle on the cruise next October.

Steve Carrier

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