The Taz Show Recap – RAW Analysis, “Woken” Matt Arrives, Absolution Wreaks Havoc Again, More!

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Taz says that last night’s episode of Monday Night RAW was an up and down show in his opinion. The show lost his attention for a considerable amount of time through the middle of the broadcast, but once “Woken” Matt Hardy arrived, business picked up big time in Taz’s opinion.

He thinks that Vince McMahon probably loved the “Woken” character that debuted on RAW last night. Taz points out that Vince McMahon doesn’t watch television, and any spare time he has he likes to read. For this reason, Taz doubts that McMahon watched much of “Broken” Hardy’s work in TNA but he’s sure McMahon knew that something cool was happening.

Now that Hardy and WWE have finally embraced this character on RAW, their flagship show, Taz thinks McMahon is going to fall in love with this character. Hardy utilizes a lot of fairly advanced vocabulary during his promos with this character and Taz knows how much McMahon loves vocabulary. He thinks this  character is going to work well in WWE moving forward as long as McMahon and WWE listens to Hardy, and lets him have some creative freedom with this character.

Taz adds that he’s very happy for Hardy right now. Hardy had a vision over two years ago in TNA and after developing this amazing character, he was able to captivate the audience and bring attention to a stumbling   TNA promotion. After months of battling over the rights to the character with Anthem, Hardy finally has an opportunity to bring his imagination to the big leagues on RAW.

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