Anthem Sports is in Ottawa, Canada to tape upcoming episodes of Impact Wrestling. Here are the spoiler results, courtesy of Wrestling Inc:


* EC3 vs Moose. Moose gets the win with The Game Changer (discus clothesline) in a bit of an upset.

Impact Tapings to air Nov. 23:


* Laurel Van Ness vs Traci Spinelli vs. the returning Madison Rayne in a 3 way qualifying match for the vacant Knockouts Title. The winner goes to the final. Laurel wins with a jumping Unprettier. Nice to see her getting a push & away from the crazy boyfriend hunt.

* Global Forged winner: Hakim Zane vs Ishimori. Zane is a heel using hair pulling early on. Ishimori hits a 450 off the top to win. Curious booking of Zane in his first match. Trevor Lee & Caleb Konley attack Ishimori after the match, so this looks to be Trevor’s next feud.

Alberto vs Johnny Impact is announced for later as is a dreaded Thanksgiving match with the loser wearing the awful Turkey suit.

* Texano Jr. vs The Cowboy James Storm. Nice hard hitting match with Tejano controlling most of the match until he puts on his cowboy hat & yells to the crowd, “I’m a real cowboy!” Then he turns around right into The Last Call by Storm for the pin. American Top Team-including King Mo who still has a bandage over his eyebrow-attacks Storm on the ramp. Moose comes out with a chair to everyone out. Lambert gets a mic and says this ends next when he challenged Moose & Storm to a match vs Bobby Lashley & Dan Lambert.

* The Grand Champion EC3 joins the commentary desk for the next match: Tyson Dux vs Matt Sydal. Sydal wins with The Shooting Star Press, but Dux was very impressive.

* Alberto El Patron vs Johnny Impact. Wild match with lots of fighting outside the ring. Alberto gets a small cut on his forehead when he slipped on one the ring stairs while doing a double stomp on Johnny. Eli Drake comes down to get in Alberto’s face and tells him to finish Johnny. Alberto punches him and hits Drake in the back. When he returns to the ring, Impact nails Starship Pain for the win. Adonis and Drake attack after the match in the ring until Petey Williams evens things up and they clear the ring & celebrate together.


* KC Spinelli vs Rosemary. The ending comes when KC misses a top rope moonsault & Rosemary hits The Red Wedding. KC looked very strong in the match & got a lot of offence.

More Impact Tapings: A table with Thanksgiving food is set up. It’ll be a 5 on 5 match with the person pinned being forced to wear the horrible Turkey suit. Why, oh why?? Smh. Chef Robert Irvine is here and he prepared all of the food. The turkey is brought out and JB asks the crowd to start a “Turkey” chant & a lot of the crowd obliged. I did a few times, too. Lol So the match is: Caleb Konley, Laurel Van Ness, KM-who’s cut his hair very short and is wearing a black bandana on his forehead, Fantasma, & Chris Adonis vs Richard Justice, Allie, Garza Jr., Fallah Bahh, & Eddie Edwards. Both teams have separate tables of food & throw some into the crowd. Eli Drake is in the ring and says it’s his show and wants JB to make sure the loser puts the suit on. Eli is eating at a table during most of the match, Laurel hides under one of the tables to stay out of the match. Adonis tries to get Eddie in the Adonis lock but Eddie rolls him up for the victory. Eli tries to get Adonis out of it and Chris goes tries to the back, but security stops him and JB tells him to come back. JB tells Adonis he is contractually obligated to put on the suit, or Eli Drake will have to wear it. Chris finally resents & wears the suit. A food fight breaks out, shockingly. Eddie is held in the ring by Drake & Chris goes to hit Eddie, but he ducks and Drake gets the pie. It wasn’t crazy bad, but not great.

* JB announces a 3 way match in 6 sides of steel for the World Title with Eli Drake defending against Johnny Impact & Alberto El Patron.


* Trevor Lee & Caleb Konley vs L.A.X. (Santana & Ortiz w/Homicide & Konnan). No Diamante again. LAX win their top rope blockbuster into a powerbomb finish.

OVE vs Dezmond Xavier & Eddie Edwards. OVE are out alone. Eddie & Dezmond win.

In the final match of the night Bobby Lashley faces Fantasma. Bobby nails a hurricanrana – first time I’ve ever seen him do that. He then hit a spear.

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