Russo is joined on today’s show by his co-host Jeff Lane, Kenny Bolin and Big Vito.

Russo says WWE sucks right now and there’s nothing about RAW or Smackdown Live that interests him. He says that if Smackdown Live turns into the Sami & Kevin Show, Russo is going to move to Canada. Before he gets into more of his thoughts on RAW and Smackdown, Russo urges Big Vito and Kenny Bolin to hash out their grievances live on the air.

Vito accuses Bolin of lying about how he got paid when he worked for OVW, WWE’s developmental territory, many years ago. Vito also accuses Bolin of attacking his wife, who is crippled and is blind in one eye. Bolin says that’s a load of garbage because he’d never attack Vito’s wife. Nonetheless, there’s no doubt that Vito’s wife is blind in one eye because if she could see straight she’d never marry Vito.


Bolin accuses Vito of using his wife’s illness for sympathy online and says that if Vito didn’t continuously bring it up, nobody would even know about it. He says that Vito’s wife is a crutch and he continuously uses her as an excuse for his lacklustre work, and Bolin is sick of it.

Vito says that he’s sorry for Bolin because he wasn’t able to ever make it to the big leagues in WWE or WCW. Bolin was stuck in the developmental territory and was never good enough at his job to get a promotion. Bolin says that Vito was fired from every job he ever had, and just because he made it to WWE doesn’t mean his career was a success.

Bolin can’t believe that Vito was ever in the business at all given how stupid his comments are. Bolin points out that Vito had a strange addiction to Emma and lost his mind when she got released, but he says that Emma was released simply because she sucked and that’s the end of it.

Vito says that Bolin has to be blind if he actually thinks that he wasn’t able to get over in WCW and WWE. Bolin asks Vito to name one gimmick or one opponent that he was able to get over during his in-ring career but Vito changes the course of conversation. Bolin calls Vito a ‘C***sucker’, and Russo has to step in to moderate.

Russo says that he had planned to talk about RAW and Smackdown Live, but Vito and Bolin arguing is much more entertaining than talking about Rusev stomping on Halloween candy.

Bolin says Vito is a ‘low life piece of s***’ and if his wife was any good at sucking d*** he wouldn’t be so worried about starting a career in podcasting. Vito snaps and says if they ever meet in person Bolin is not going to like the results.

Russo says that this feud is unnecessary because they were both very successful during the heights of their wrestling careers and they’re both still involved in the business today. They should both be proud of their careers and there’s no need to tear each other down. Russo manages to get both Vito and Bolin to apologize to each other before the show ends.

Russo realizes there’s no time left to talk about RAW or Smackdown Live, so that conversation will be moved to tomorrow’s show.

That sums up today’s episode of Vince Russo’s The Brand. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya tomorrow for another recap!

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