Big Cass recently appeared on Booker T’s podcast. Here are highlights from the appearance:

How his recovery is going:  “I’m doing good. Just in the process of recovering right now from an ACL injury. Kind of just have a lot of time to myself but I’m doing really good and I’m on schedule to come back when the doctor’s think I’ll be back. So, I’m just rehabbing every day and trying to get back as soon as possible.”

First thing he thought of when he knew he was injured:  “I tweaked it on the way out of the ring and then it kind of curled under me when I landed on the floor. I heard it pop, I felt it pop and I immediately knew that I had torn my ACL. My brain told me, “You just tore your ACL.” Just from everything I’ve heard and everything I’ve seen about ACL tears I kind of knew right away. Then, I tried getting up and back in the ring and I kind of couldn’t really walk on it but I slid back in the ring and continued. The ref checked on me because he knew something was up and I told him, “I think I can go. I think I can finish the match.” So, I knew my knee was torn but your first instinct is always, “I’ve got to keep going if you can possibly go.” I’m obviously, visibly hurt. I am hobbling and I slammed Enzo into the ground and then I went for the elbow off my left leg. I always do my elbow off my left leg and my leg just went out. The ref came over to me and said, “Roll over, get out of the ring.” It’s frustrating when your brain is telling you to do something and your body won’t let you. That’s the most frustrating thing. I knew when I landed I had torn my ACL. Just from everything I had heard and read, I knew right away.”

You can listen to the podcast here.

Steve Carrier

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