Daniel Bryan Growing His Hair Out For Lucha Libre Matches?

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While participating in a recent Q&A on Brie Bella’s Instgram account, Bryan teased that he continues to grow his hair out because he is hoping to work Lucha Libre matches in Mexico.

“We don’t need to talk about why I’m growing my hair out,” Bryan said. “It may or may not be because I want to do apuestas matches in Arena Mexico.”

Byran is referring to the mask vs. mask, hair vs. mask, and hair vs. hair type matches that are very common in Mexico.

Bryan would tease a hair vs. mask match against 54 year old luchador Atlantis, who is undefeated in those types of matches, or a hair vs. hair match against Rush, a 29 year old who is also undefeated in those types of matches.

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