While taking part in a FaceBook Q&A, Kurt Angle mentioned that he doesn’t believe that The Undertaker is truly retired yet. Here are some highlights:

Reaction to learning he’d beat the Rock at No Mercy 2000: “It was a great feeling, but I wasn’t surprised. I knew it was coming. I think everybody saw it coming. The Rock was one of the best entertainers and he was exciting to work with. He also has a knack for having amazing matches, which ours was.”

Not really breaking Orton’s ankle with the Ankle Lock: “Well… I didn’t really break his ankle, but I knew Orton was special. Even in his beginning years. He had so much talent. I wish him and I could have locked horns later on in his prime. Well.. it can still happen.”

Favorite match he wasn’t involved in: “It’s not really “wrestling” but I was amazed at how well AJ vs Shane came out at Wrestlemania 33. To realize Shane only gets in that ring once in awhile and the pressure AJ has to endure for keeping the bar high, it literally amazes me. It was FUN to watch. And that’s why we watch wrestling. Because it’s fun.”


The Undertaker’s retirement: “My opinion? He’s not done yet, but that’s my opinion. And to wrestle Taker at Mania? That’s a dream come true. Everybody wants Taker at Mania.”

Steve Carrier

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