5 Twists We Could See at SummerSlam

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The Original Shield Reunites

So after this week’s Raw, it looks like Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins are finally on the same page. While there are many ways this could play out on Sunday night, with some even speculating an Ambrose heel turn (I wouldn’t rule that out) a great twist to end the show could be Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns standing in the middle of the ring holding gold.

Reigns is going to end up with the title sooner or later, and to perfectly honest, I would have no problem with him walking away as the champion on Sunday night. Rollins and Ambrose are favorites to walk away with the belts in their match against Sheamus and Cesaro, so what if they decide that they want to reunite the full group and show up in the main event, helping Reigns overcome his 3 competitors.

Having The Shield close the night with gold would be a massive twist and something that would definitely get fans involved in the product for the next months as the WWE approaches what is quite a lull period between now and Survivor Series. This move could also help out all three superstars right now- Ambrose and Rollins reuniting has created a buzz around both characters that hasn’t existed for some time, and adding Reigns to that mix as the Universal champion could really help finally get The Big Dog over with the WWE universe.

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