This Sunday night WWE will present the biggest party of the Summer, WWE SummerSlam. The event, one of the WWE’s big 4, has a stacked card and a history of being one of the company’s best shows of the year.

This year’s event looks set to run a record time and the company will have to pull out all the stops if they are to keep the audience invested in what is likely going to be a 5 hour+ show. Thankfully, the show has fairly intriguing match-ups, especially where the main titles are involved and there are a lot of very interest scenarios that could play out this Sunday. Let’s take a look at five of the most interesting twists SummerSlam could take this Sunday night.

Enzo Screws The Big Show

Enzo Amore is not in a good place backstage right now and many fans are concerned about his future on screen once he is done with this whole Big Show/Cass feud.


Rumors have begun circulating this week that the company are considering an Enzo heel turn this Sunday, and while an out and out Enzo heel turn might be one option, having him screw The Big Show in an effort to win his former tag partner back over could be a smarter twist.

Cass screwed Enzo because he was sick of him being a liability and up until now, Enzo has fought back, but what if, on Sunday night, he decides to try and convince Cass that he has some worth and throws him a pair of brass knucks, or say… the big gold chain he carries around his neck for him to use.

Cass could, of course, continue to neglect Enzo after the match but the smack-talker, sky-walker, could spend the next few months trying to win him back. It would add an interesting layer to the narrative, while also keeping Enzo as a sympathetic character.

Samoa Joe Chokes Out Brock Lesnar

Rumors about Brock Lesnar leaving for a return to UFC have made the main event of Summerslam one of the most intriguing matches in recent memory. While all four men could feasibly win the title this Sunday, smart money would be on either Lesnar or Joe.

The former NXT Champion has been on fire in the last few months and a big win for him at SummerSlam could cement his place as one of the WWE’s hottest products right now.

The stipulation that, if Brock loses he will leave the WWE has got many speculating that he will walk away on Sunday the winner, don’t rule out the WWE writing him off TV for a few months, though, and given Joe the belt. If they do decide to do this, then having Joe take out the champ himself, as opposed to beating one of the other competitors, would be a massive surprise.

Carmella Cashes in her Money in the Bank Briefcase

Baron Corbin’s failed cash in of his Money in the Bank contract this Tuesday night was a big surprise, one that many would argue should have been saved for SummerSlam this Sunday night. While the jury is still out on the decision to have him lose his cash in on a go home episode of Smackdown, it does serve as a reminder to fans that having the briefcase doesn’t always lead to a title victory.

Fast forward to Sunday night and we could see Carmella cash in her briefcase. In many ways, Sunday would be the ideal time for her to do it. Naomi has grown rather dull as champion and Natalya would likely be no different. Carmella cashing in, especially after the events of Tuesday night would be an exciting end to the woman’s title match and would have many fans guessing whether or not she was actually going to win or not.

Jinder Mahal Defeats Shinsuke Nakamura Clean

Jinder Mahal’s title reign has been divisive, to say the least. His lackluster matches with Randy Orton have failed to capture the imagination and ratings the quality of SmackDown has been in rapid decline ever since he captured the gold.

Many fans are expecting Jinder’s reign to come to an end this Sunday night at the hands of Shinsuke Nakamura, but if recent reports are to be believed, Vince McMahon is not happy with Shinsuke following the botched finish to his match with John Cena a few weeks back.

If that is the case, then Vince may well want to punish Shinsuke by having him put Jinder over this Sunday night, and if they Vince really wants to punish him- then he might even have Jinder go over clean.

The Original Shield Reunites

So after this week’s Raw, it looks like Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins are finally on the same page. While there are many ways this could play out on Sunday night, with some even speculating an Ambrose heel turn (I wouldn’t rule that out) a great twist to end the show could be Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns standing in the middle of the ring holding gold.

Reigns is going to end up with the title sooner or later, and to perfectly honest, I would have no problem with him walking away as the champion on Sunday night. Rollins and Ambrose are favorites to walk away with the belts in their match against Sheamus and Cesaro, so what if they decide that they want to reunite the full group and show up in the main event, helping Reigns overcome his 3 competitors.

Having The Shield close the night with gold would be a massive twist and something that would definitely get fans involved in the product for the next months as the WWE approaches what is quite a lull period between now and Survivor Series. This move could also help out all three superstars right now- Ambrose and Rollins reuniting has created a buzz around both characters that hasn’t existed for some time, and adding Reigns to that mix as the Universal champion could really help finally get The Big Dog over with the WWE universe.

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