It was previously reported that Enzo Amore had backstage heat on him following an incident on a bus that ultimately got him kicked off. The belief is that Enzo isn’t well-liked on the main roster as he portrays the guy you sell on television 24/7 and many find this annoying.

In addition to him being annoying he also brags about how much money he makes all the time. There was an incident where he was on the phone with someone talking loudly and bragging about how much money he makes while also saying negative things about the business.

There has been talk about what the company could do with him moving forward. One idea discussed is to send him back to NXT, where he could be a superstar on that show and help sell tickets to road shows. The other idea being discussed is to move him to the 205 Live brand, where the feeling is he’s a guy that fans react to on a show which struggles to get any fan reaction.

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Steve Carrier

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