WWE Great Balls of Fire Results – July 9 2017

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Up next we have our Ambulance Match! The ambulance backs into the arena as Braun Strowman makes his way to the ring!

Ambulance Match

Roman Reigns Vs. Braun Strowman

The bell rings and Roman takes the fight to Braun right away. Roman then hits a brick wall as he runs into Braun and falls. Strowman splashes Roman in the corner.

Roman leaves the ring and Braun follows but then the big dog rams Braun into the ring post. Roman attempts to follow-up the attack but Braun lifts Roman and runs him back-first into the ring post. Braun then tosses Reigns into the steel steps. Strowman lifts the steps and hits Roman with them!

Strowman follows Reigns around the ring, dragging the steps with him, and throws them but Roman ducks. Roman sidesteps Braun, who runs into the ring post. Roman kicked Braun as he tried to re-enter the ring. Braun catches a running Roman by the throat and slams him to the mat. Braun hits Roman with the Powerslam and looks for the pin but quickly remembers the rules. The commentators spend a lot of time making excuses for Braun’s pin attempt but it really wasn’t a big deal, it could be sold as a good thing that he had that instinct.

Braun picks Roman up onto his shoulder and starts walking towards the ambulance but Roman climbs down and runs back to the ring. Back inside, Roman grabs Braun up for a Samoan Drop and hurt his back in the process. Braun powers out of a pin attempt, then Braun looks for a running shoulder in the corner but eats ring post. Roman hits Braun with the drive-by kick as he hands through the ropes, then beats his arm against the ring post. Roman then grabs a chair and whacks Braun’s arm multiple times! Definitely not a babyface tactic.

Braun slides out of the ring and shakes off the chair shot. Roman whacks Braun with it again but this time Braun doesn’t react. Roman looks shocked, then tries again but Braun no sells it. Braun then throws the chair away and throws Roman into the barricade. Braun drags and throws Roman up the ramp, then takes the top off of the announce table.

Braun tries to carry Roman to the announce table but the big dog climbs down and throws hands at Strowman. They work their way over to the ambulance and then Braun launches Roman off the stage and into the side of it. Strowman opens the back doors of the ambulance and grabs Roman. Braun drags him back around the ambulance and tries to put him inside but gets punched. Roman strikes a Superman punch, then another as Braun leans against the ambulance. Strowman then grabs the backboard of the stretcher and beats Roman with it.

They make their way back to the stage and Strowman lifts Roman onto his shoulders. Strowman looks for the Powerslam but Roman drops down his back and shoves him through the LED wall!

Braun starts to stir from out of the rubble as Reigns can’t believe it. Reigns goes to drag Braun to the ambuance, but Braun sends him off the rampway and to the floor. Reigns comes back by nailing Braun with a light, then goes for the Spear, but Braun avoids it and Reigns goes flying into the ambulance! Braun shuts the doors to win the match!

Winner: Braun Strowman

Afterwards, Reigns gets out and Spears Braun!!! Reigns then nails Braun repeatedly with the ambulance door, then puts him in the ambulance. Reigns tosses out the driver and drives off to the parking garage. Reigns then backs the ambulance, sending it careening into an 18-wheeler, smashing the back of the ambulance! Reigns stumbles out of the ambulance as GM Kurt Angle, WWE agents and medics attend to the ambulance, trying to pry open the ambulance doors.

Curt Hawkins comes out for am impromptu match with Heath Slater.  The match only plays for 1-2 minutes until we hear sirens in the arena and we go to the back again. We watch for several minutes as a fire engine arrives and uses the jaws of life to open the side door of the ambulance. The paramedics go inside and try to help Braun. A minute later they come back out and Braun comes crawling out the door. Braun is bloody and he refuses medical help. Braun falls and crawls before finally getting to his feet and stumbling away. Kurt Angle looks dumbfounded as the crowd clap for Braun.

The commentators talk over many replays of the crazy event, and point out that Roman tried to commit murder.

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