WWE Great Balls of Fire Results – July 9 2017

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Kick-Off Show

The WWE Great Balls of Fire Kickoff pre-show opens up from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas with Renee Young, David Otunga and Peter Rosenberg. They hype the show and send us back to Charly Caruso in the Social Media Lounge. She will be joined by Paul Heyman later tonight.

Renee hypes some of tonight’s matches and sends us to a video package for the Ambulance Match. Rosenberg goes with Roman Reigns but Otunga believes Braun Strowman will get the rubber match win. The panel plugs the WWE Network, Battleground and tonight’s matches again before we head to a break.

Back from the break and Mike Rome is with Seth Rollins backstage. Rollins says Bray Wyatt is one dangerous dude but his greatest enemy always will be the truth. Wyatt wants to play mind games but Rollins says his past year has been one big mind game. Rollins says Wyatt is not a God, he’s just a man, and by the end of tonight one man will be paying for his sins – Bray Wyatt. Rosenberg talks about the match but the graphic interrupts and we cut backstage to Wyatt. Wyatt says no matter how hard Rollins fights tonight, he will still feel Wyatt. Wyatt says he will set Rollins’ lack of faith on fire and from the ashes, make him a believer. Wyatt laughs and says Rollins is going to burn tonight. Rosenberg and Otunga both predict Wyatt to win tonight.

Renee next starts to talk about tonight’s Iron Man tag team match. Otunga says that the difference tonight could be the war of attrition; Sheamus and Cesaro are stronger and faster than The Hardy Boyz. Renee asks if the love and reactions for The Hardy Boyz will make a difference and they say it’s possible because everyone still loves them. Otunga believes the champions will retain but Rosenberg goes with The Hardys.

Dana Brooke has joined the panel to talk the Women’s Championship match between Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks! Dana says that backstage Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss really despise each other and it goes back to their days in WWE NXT. Dana also says that their hostility ruins the mood of everyone else but then Emma appears and needs to talk to Dana in the back. Dana says goodbye to the panel and leaves to talk to Emma – a reunion perhaps?

Next up is the WWE Intercontinental Title match next. The panel talk about Miz’s reign thus far and if his new entourage can help him stay Champion for a long time. Renee has a vested interest in the match but she thinks Ambrose can overcome the odds. Otunga believes The Miz will retain and Rosenberg agrees.

Renee sends us to Charly in the Social Media Lounge with Heyman for fan questions. When asked if Joe is Lesnar’s most dangerous opponent, Heyman says there’s no doubt. He talks about how ruthless Joe is and says this is no cake walk, this won’t be a quick trip to Suplex City. Heyman says this is a fight for Lesnar’s well-being, his legacy and survival in WWE. We go back to the panel and Renee sends us to the ring for some cruiserweight action!

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match

(C) Neville Vs. Akira Tozawa

Before the bell rings the announcers note all of Neville’s opponents thus far as Champion but notably do not mention Austin Aries who was released yesterday.

The match begins with a lock-up and Neville showcases his power. Another lock-up and Neville sends Tozawa into the ropes, only to shoulder barge him to the mat. We get a series of leap frogs and drop downs but then Tozawa knocks Neville down and lands a senton.

Neville throws up a boot into Tozawa’s face in the corner but then gets sent from the ring. Tozawa looks to leap over the ropes onto the King but Neville jumps up and connects with an enziguiri. Neville takes control and stomps on Tozawa while taunting the fans. Titus tries to give Tozawa a mid-match pep-talk. Neville lifts Akira and throws him from the ring.

On the outside, Neville throws Tozawa into the barricade before we head to a commercial. We’re back and Neville is still in control – he hits Tozawa with a dropkick as he’s on his knees! Tozawa answers back with some rapid fire chest chops and a few nice kicks before a snap back suplex! The Champ is in trouble.

Tozawa takes to the top rope but Neville from the ring, only to be hit with an intense suicide dive. Then another and Neville is really on the rocks. Titus encourages Tozawa to get Neville back in the ring and pin him but its just a two-count.

Tozawa takes to the apron and springboards in but Neville catches him on his shoulders. Tozawa somehow applies an Octopus Stretch while on Neville’s shoulders and the King quickly makes it to the ropes but the damage is done. Tozawa performs the battle cry before going to the top rope. Neville dodges a dive from Tozawa before wrapping his arms around the ropes and kicking his chest repeatedly. Neville then hits a running front dropkick for a near-fall!

Neville connects with a forearm in the corner, then takes to the middle rope and looks for a Phoenix Splash but nobody is home and Tozawa gets a very near-fall. Neville goes to the ropes and Tozawa catches him with a Frankensteiner. Tozawa goes to the top rope after a shining wizard and lands a huge senton but Neville rolls from the ring.

Tozawa brings Neville back inside but the Champion goes to the corner where he lifts Tozawa and drops him groin-first on the top rope. Neville runs and kicks the top rope as Tozawa hangs on it. The referee pushes Neville away so he can check on Tozawa but Titus convinces Akira to get to his feet and Neville hits him with a spinning kick to the gut and that’s all she wrote!

Winner: Neville

We return to the panel, who start talking Brock Lesnar Vs. Samoa Joe! They don’t say much before playing the video package for the huge match and that’s it for the Kick-Off Show!

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