WWE Great Balls of Fire Results – July 9 2017

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Enzo Amore comes out and introduces himself. Enzo comes to the ring and dances as the fans sing his name. Enzo says that last year, in this very arena, Enzo and Cass debuted in this very arena and 20,000 fans chanted their name. He said that was love but that’s not what this is: this is war. He says all is fair in love and war and Cass can attest to that. But the same cannot be said for life, because life isn’t fair.

His favourite song is ‘That’s Life’ by Frank Sinatra, riding fly in April with Cass at WrestleMania, but shot down on May 22 by a mystery attacker. Enzo says he shrugged the attacks off and back on top in June, back with The Big Show. He says if Cass wants to come out here and stomp on his dream, well that’s OK because he’s a dreamer. And the man you should be afraid of is the man who sleeps with his eyes open and that’s him because thanks to these fans his daily life is better than his dreams. And like old blue eyes said, he won’t know what’s shaking come July, but unlike Sinatra, Enzo won’t curl up into a ball and die, he’ll fly and Cass will always be in his shadow because he’s larger than life. He calls Cass S.A.W.F.T and then out comes the big man to new music.  Great promo from Enzo again.

Enzo Amore Vs. Big Cass

Just before the bell rung, Booker T and Corey Graves agreed that he has no chance. Enzo takes the fight to Cass right away but Cass throws him to the corner. Enzo ducks a punch and unloads blows on Cass, only to then be shoved away.

Cass backs Enzo into the corner and kicks him down and stomps away. Cass shouts at Enzo before applying a chicken wing and torturing Enzo. Back in the corner again, Enzo tries to kick Cass and fight but there’s no oomph in the hits and Cass walks through them and lands a fallaway slam. Cass hits a big running splash in the corner and the fans chant “Asshole”.

Cass looks for another running splash but Enzo collapses before he reaches him. Enzo starts kicking Cass again but the big man slaps him in the face then sets him across the top rope and beats on him. Cass chokes him with his boot in the corner as the fans chant Enzo’s name. Cass mocks Enzo for the Sinatra promo then lifts him up and tosses him over the top rope Military Press-style. Cass turns to the crowd with a big smile and a fist in the air. Great heel work.

The referee counts and Enzo just makes it back inside before 10. Cass shakes his head as Enzo looks shellshocked. Enzo uses the ropes to get to his feet and Cass hits him with a big boot. Cass pins him for the squash.

Winner: Big Cass

Good work from Big Cass, he needed the win. Could be a great heel but his new music sucks.

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