WWE Great Balls of Fire Results – July 9 2017

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Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss have the misfortune of following that incredible Iron Man match.

Women’s Championship Match

(C) Alexa Bliss Vs. Sasha Banks

Intense back and forth early. Dropkick by Sasha sends Bliss outside to regroup. Back in, Sasha with a lucha armdrag and Shotgun Knees in the corner for 2. Sasha pulls down Bliss by the arm, as Bliss’s arm is hanging in a disgusting manner. Referee checks on her, but it was a ruse as Bliss nails Sasha and pops her elbow back into place! Backstabber by Sasha into the Bank Statement, but Bliss quickly gets to the ropes and rolls outside. Bliss goes to leave, but Sasha stops her.

Bliss then sweeps out Sasha’s leg and Sasha slams back-first across the apron! Bliss takes over, hitting Insult to Injury for 2. Bliss works over the injured back with a longbow backbreaker. Sasha comes back with a roll-up for 2. Sasha fights back, but Bliss pulls the hair into a backbreaker, then unloads with shots before getting 2. Sasha comes back with a buckle snap suplex, both women down.

Both hit each other with forearms at the same time while maintaining wrist control. Sasha makes a comeback, hitting a big kick and a back suplex. Running knee by Sasha for 2. Bliss comes back with Code Bliss outta the corner for a close 2.

Bliss throws a temper tantrum, upset that Sasha kicked out. Bliss goes for Twisted Bliss, but Sasha gets the knees up! Bank Statement locked in, Bliss tries to crawl to the ropes and is somehow able to reach them, but Sasha holds on right until the count of 5. Bliss hot-shots Sasha across the bottom rope, then trash talks her. Sasha sends Bliss into the barricade. Bliss keeps moving away from Sasha, then nails her with a slap. Referee keeps counting and Bliss allows herself to e counted out.

Winner Via Count-Out: Sasha Banks

Sasha attacks Bliss after and sends her into the mini-tron. Bliss then sends Sasha off the announce table. They go on the table, but Sasha knocks Alexa off, then wipes her out with Meteora from off the announce table! Sasha stands tall over Bliss as the ref checks on her.

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