While appearing on The Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, Cody Rhodes revealed that he currently doesn’t have any dates left to appear for Impact Wrestling. He made the following remarks:

“When it comes to Impact, I usually stick to myself as far as I just try to bring what I do everywhere just to the Impact scene. It is hard to get on board with set, ‘this time, this reboot is better than the last reboot’. When I met Dixie Carter, I loved Dixie Carter! When I met Billy [Corgan], I loved Billy! When I met Jeff [Jarrett], I love Jeff. But only so many times can you hear, ‘now we’re marching on everybody. So I’m just like, ‘hey, it’s a fun show, it’s on Pop TV, and I just try to be a part of that.’ I currently have no more dates with TNA/Impact Wrestling. Currently, I have no more dates left.”

You can listen to the full interview here.

Steve Carrier

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