As seen on Monday’s episode of RAW, Big Cass was revealed as the individual who attacked Enzo Amore and faked his own attacks. RAW closed with Cass delivering the big boot to Enzo as the show went off the air.

Dave Meltzer discussed this angle on today’s installment of Wrestling Observer Radio and noted that the feud between these two WWE Superstars will not be a long one. They will tie up the loose ends, but a long-term feud between the two of them is not in the books. The belief is that their skill-sets don’t mesh well together and they probably wouldn’t be able to produce anything notable. The idea behind the angle was to break Cass away from Enzo.

Coming out of the split, the feeling within WWE is that Cass will be the big star out of the two. Meltzer indicated that the best place for Enzo may be on 205 Live moving forward.

Steve Carrier

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