WWE Monday Night Raw Results – May 29 2017

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Finn Balor Vs. Samoa Joe Vs. Bray Wyatt

The bell rings, and Wyatt sits down in the corner before leaving the ring. Joe stares at him. Bálor attacks Joe from behind and punches at him. Joe comes back with some jabs and knees to the midsection. Joe chops the chest and talks some trash. Bálor leaps over Joe and hits a kick to the side of the head. Bálor throws Joe out of the ring, and Joe throws Wyatt into the ring.

Wyatt turns and sees Bálor staring at him. Bálor proceeds to punch away at him but Wyatt retaliates with vicious elbows. Bálor comes back with a strike combination, then he stares at Joe who is watching outside. Wyatt goes to the top rope, but Bálor kicks him off the top rope. Joe breaks up the pin and head-butts Bálor.

Joe knee hard at the midsection of Finn before sending him out of the ring. Joe grabs Wyatt by the beard, but Bálor attacks him from behind. Bray throws Bálor out of the ring and points at Joe. Wyatt grabs Joe, but Bálor attacks him from behind and stomps him down. They continue to tease an altercation between Bray and Joe. Bálor then kicks Joe in the face. Wyatt quickly forearms him in the face, and they hit the ropes. Wyatt then clobbers him with a flying body block.


A “Let’s go Bálor” chant fires up but Wyatt stops it by punching Bálor and hits a throat thrust to the corner. Wyatt puts him on the top rope, but Bálor punches him back. Joe attacks Wyatt and gets him out of the ring. Joe punches Bálor and goes to the second rope. Bálor blocks a superplex.

Wyatt comes in, and they do the Tower of Doom spot with a powerbomb/superplex combination. Wyatt arcs his back in the corner and goes for Sister Abigail on Bálor, but Joe interrupts with a Coquina Clutch attempt. Bálor kicks Joe in the face and stomps him a few times. Joe then rolls out of the ring next to Wyatt. Bálor then wipes them both out with a diving flip to the floor and we go to commercial.

*Commercial Break*

We come back from the break to see Joe punching away at Bálor in the corner. Wyatt is watching Joe work. They then send Bálor into the ropes for a double shoulder block. Wyatt and Joe take turns kicking Bálor. Joe chokes him on the middle rope, and Wyatt follows up with another choke.

Bálor makes a comeback on both men before backing Joe to the corner. Wyatt then attacks him from behind. Wyatt puts Bálor in the corner, and Joe avalanches him. Joe then holds Bálor up for Wyatt to avalanche. Wyatt and Joe then taunt the crowd. Bálor tries to fight back, but Joe hits an inverted atomic drop followed by a big boot and a senton splash. Wyatt then hits the ropes and hits a senton splash.

Joe then hits the ropes, and Wyatt clotheslines him down before kicking him out of the ring. Wyatt smiles while he looks down at Bálor. Bálor gets out of a uranage and hits an overhead kick. Bálor boots Wyatt back and hits a pair of running elbows followed by a dropkick. Joe gets in the ring and clotheslines him. Joe splashes Wyatt in the corner before hitting an enzuigiri. Joe charges, but Bálor sends him out of the ring. Bálor knocks Wyatt off the apron and baseball slides Joe. Bálor hits a running kick on Joe before dropkicking Wyatt into the barricade. Bálor then runs around ringside and dropkicks Joe into the barricade.

Bálor gets Joe in the ring and chops him a few times. Joe comes back with a uranage out of nowhere. Joe goes for a Coquina Clutch, but Bálor counters out and hits a double stomp. Wyatt tries for a Sister Abigail on Bálor, but Bálor takes him down and hits a double stomp to the midsection. Bálor goes for a Sling Blade on Joe, but Joe counters and slams him down. Bálor rolls out of the ring. Wyatt scares Joe with a crabwalk. Wyatt then hits Joe with Sister Abigail.

Bálor attacks Wyatt from behind and goes to the corner, then switches corners in an awkward section, before hitting a Sling Blade. Bálor dropkicks Wyatt into the corner. Bálor hits Wyatt with a Coup de Grâce. Joe sends Bálor into the ring post and pins Wyatt for the win!

Winner: Samoa Joe

We see Seth Rollins backstage getting interviewed. Rollins is asked about the Fatal 5-Way match and his match with Roman tonight. Seth says he’s become very acquainted with Samoa Joe, who appears everytime he turns his back. But if there’s one man he knows even better, it’s Roman Reigns. He says Roman and him have a long history, they’ve had good times and bad, but one thing is for sure, he owns Roman Reigns. And tonight will be no different. He will use the knee that used to be his biggest weakness and knock Roman out. Then he will do the same at Extreme Rules and be primed to take back his Universal Championship.

We see Sasha Banks and Rich Swann dancing backstage. It was announced that Swann and Banks will face Noam Dar and Alicia Fox at Extreme Rules in a mixed tag match.

*Commercial Break*

Noam Dar W/Alicia Fox Vs. Rich Swann W/Sasha Banks

Dar attacks Swann from behind, but Swann makes a quick comeback. Dar quickly takes him back down and works on the arm. Dar uppercuts him down and rips at the face. Dar continues to work at the arm.

Swann elbows him back and drops him into the ropes. Swann punches back at him and clotheslines him down. Swann kicks him before hitting a summersault leg drop for a two count. Swann kicks him in the face before setting him up. Swann goes to the middle rope. Alicia Fox distracts him on the apron, so Sasha Banks takes her down. Swann then connects with a Phoenix Splash for the win.

Winner: Rich Swann

After the match Swann dances and convinces Banks to dance along with him.

*Commercial Break*

Charly Caruso is backstage with The Revival. She mentions they haven’t been in action in six weeks. Dash shows off his wired jaw. Dawson does the talking. She mentions Enzo Amore being found unconscious. Dawson says they weren’t even here last week and doesn’t understand the line of questioning. Footage is shown of Dash and Dawson in the background last week on RAW. Dawson says they do work here. They’ve been here almost every single week. Enzo is a bottom feeder on RAW. They’re not going to waste their time with Enzo. They walk off.

Replays are shown of a Street Fight between Akira Tozawa and Brian Kendrick last week on WWE 205 Live.

Big Cass all of a sudden walks up to the commentary booth and confronts Corey Graves about insinuating that he had something to do with Enzo’s attack. Graves convinces him he wasn’t.

*Commercial Break*

Footage is shown of Kalisto beating Apollo Crews last week on RAW. We then see footage from earlier today when Titus O’Neil said he’d demonstrate how to beat Kalisto.

Kalisto Vs. Titus O’Neil w/ Apollo Crews

O’Neil immediately grabs Kalisto, but Kalisto hits a handspring kick. Kalisto kicks away at him before O’Neil knees him. Kalisto keeps taking him down before hitting a head-scissor DDT. O’Neil pushes him off and grabs the tights while sitting on his shoulders to pick up the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Titus O’Neil

Apollo Crews chastises O’Neil for pulling the tights to pick up the win. O’Neil then takes a selfie with him.

Alexa Bliss will host an episode of This Is Your Life for Bayley, next.

*Commercial Break*

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