WWE SmackDown Live Results – May 16 2017

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SmackDown Live opens with Kevin Owens in the ring, ready to start his first edition of the Highlight Reel. He says this is the new and improved version of the show because Jericho will never be seen in WWE again.

Owens says Jericho was obsessed with lists, but now he is on the injured list because of him. He promises to defeat AJ Styles at Backlash this Sunday, then starts to introduce his first-ever guest.

Owens says he will introduce his guest in French…because he can. Owens starts to speak in French Canadian but AJ Styles interrupts him, much to the delight of the fans. JBL says that Styles clearly can’t speak French, that he barely speaks English.

AJ says he has watched Kevin steal Jericho’s thunder for over a year but he didn’t think he would steal his show. Owens says he hasn’t stolen anything. He says that anything Y2J can do, he can do better. Owens then asks AJ why he’s out here, he wasn’t invited on his show. Styles says he did terrible in French class, so he’s going to say this in English…because he can: this Sunday he’s going to beat Owens for that United States Championship and he’s going to bring it back to the good ‘ole USA! A “USA” chant breaks out.

Jinder Mahal interrupts Styles as he threatens to start the fight tonight. Jinder stands on the stage, flanked by the Singh Brothers. Mahal asks AJ why he’s out here, because he was supposed to be the guest. Owens says Styles is a typical American, just rude and interrupting. Owens says Jinder was coming to discuss his upcoming match with Randy Orton.

Mahal says the same as what happened last week will happen again – we’re shown footage of Mahal pinning Orton last week. Jinder says that once he becomes Champion the fans will have to bow to him. Mahal quotes Mahatma Ghandi in Punjabi, then translates that you have to lose yourself, to find yourself. And tonight AJ is going to lose to Jinder. Owens says that Styles will lose tonight, then again on Sunday, prompting AJ to storm the ring. Owens turns tail and runs. AJ invites Jinder down to the ring to start the match.

*Commercial Break*

AJ Styles Vs. Jinder Mahal W/The Singh Brothers

The bell rings and the match begins as we return from commercial. Jinder forces Styles to the corner and the referee breaks them apart, meanwhile Kevin Owens gives the commentators a lesson in what to call him.

After a quick headlock, AJ hits the ropes and tries to shoulder barge Jinder but he falls backwards himself. AJ then tries to chop Jinder down with kicks to the leg but Mahal catches a foot and shoves AJ away.

Mahal takes control of the match with a cross-arm chop to the throat of AJ, before tossing him into the corner. Jinder stomps on Styles as the crowd chant for the Phenomenal One.

Jinder kicks AJ to the apron, then picks him up for a suplex into the ring but AJ fights out and shoulder’s Mahal in the sternum. AJ jumps over the top rope and hits a kneeled Jinder with a forearm. Styles starts to kick Jinder in the chest before looking for the Styles Clash. Mahal escapes but gets chopped against the ropes by AJ.

Styles turns to hit the ropes but The Singh Brothers stop him. Styles wastes time staring down the brothers and he turns around into a huge running knee from Jinder. Mahal is in control as we head to a break.

*Commercial Break*

We return to see Jinder grinding AJ with a headlock in the centre of the ring. AJ starts to fight his way out but eats a back elbow from Jinder. Styles gets whiplashed into the corner, chest-first, for a two-count.

Jinder slowly takes AJ to another corner of the ring and lifts him onto the top turnbuckle. Jinder looks for a superplex but AJ drops down between his legs and yank Jinder’s leg off of the rope. Styles runs at Jinder in the corner but eats a superkick. Jinder climbs onto the second rope and jumps off, right into a dropkick. Both men down.

Styles with a few chops and forearms to Jinder, then a lightning-fast dropkick to the shin. Styles follows-up with a sliding forearm to the face for a near-fall. Mahal forces AJ into the corner and rams shoulder after shoulder into the gut. After a quick reversal, Mahal catches Styles with a big boot for a two count.

Mahal readies for AJ to rise to his feet, looks for an elbow but Styles ducks and hits a Pele kick! Styles lifts Jinder up and lands the Ushigoroshi for a near-fall. Styles looks to hit the Phenomenal Forearm but one of the Singh brothers distracts the referee, allowing Kevin Owens to hits AJ in the calf with the title belt. Jinder picks-up the injured Styles and hits the cobra clutch slam for the win.

Winner: Jinder Mahal

Jinder leaves with The Singh Brothers, meanwhile Kevin Owens watches AJ clutch his leg with a grin.

Still to come tonight, the six-woman contract signing, as well as Randy Orton vs. Baron Corbin!

This Saturday night we will see NXT Takeover: Chicago, which, of course, will be covered right here on Ringside News!

*Commercial Break*

Another hype video for the debut of Lana.

The next episode of the Fashion Files begins. Fandango is staring at his board of crime, waiting for Breeze. In walks, Tyler Breeze wearing a janitor costume and Fandango cannot recognise him. Tyler rips off the wig and shows that he is the master of disguise. He proceeds to show exhibits of fashion crimes, from The Uso’s to Baron Corbin and Sami Zayn. They say they will soon be wearing the Tag Team gold before having a freeze-frame high five. The crowd are starting to get behind these two!

We see Randy Orton walking backstage, Renee Young asks him what his reaction to Jinder Mahal is. Randy says that Jinder thinks people don’t like him because of prejudice and racism but people don’t like Jinder because he’s an ass.

Breezango make their way to the ring for a match against The Colons. The fashionista’s get a nice reaction from the fans.

*Commercial Break*

The Fashion Police Vs. The Colons

We return to see the match already in progress. Breeze is grounded by Primo, who tags Epico and he continues to work the mat.

Primo and Epico keep Breeze from his corner with quick tags and double team moves. Prince Pretty hits a jumping kick to the head to create some space and tag in Fandango.

Fandango unleashes with some jabs and clotheslines to Epico. A spinning heel kick gets him a two count. Breeze storms the ring and knocks Primo from the ring, then Epico knocks him out. Epico rolls-up Fandango but he kicks out. Fandango hits the Falcon’s Arrow for the pin and the win.

Winners: The Fashion Police

After the match The Uso’s music hits. Jimmy Uso says Breezango is trying to be funny five days out from the PPV. Jey Uso says they do this for real, it isn’t about jokes. They make all the rules. In five days, they’re taking Breezango to trial. They have a right to remain vicious. Anything they say can and will be used to give stitches. The Usos Penitentiary will be opened this Sunday. Love this side of The Uso’s.

Backstage we see Charlotte start walking towards the ring along with Naomi and Becky Lynch, all friends now.

*Commercial Break*

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