WWE Payback 2017 Results – April 30 2017

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Samoa Joe Vs. Seth Rollins

The bell rings and they take a moment before making contact. Joe forces Seth to the corner and grabs his leg. Rollins chops his chest and lands a few punches, but Joe knocks him away with a big shot. Joe hits some jabs and headbutts, but Rollins retaliates with a dropkick to send him out of the ring.

Rollins flips over the top rope and onto Joe. Joe then throws Seth over the barricade, but he comes back right away and jumps off the wall with a clothesline. Rollins hits a pair of suicide dives, but as soon as Joe gets back in the ring, he targets the knee Joe previously injured. Then Joe hits a suicide dive of his own to send Seth flying over the announce table. Joe hits a senton to the knees before nailing an enziguiri in the corner.

Joe continues to punish Rollins, but The Architect starts to make a comeback and sends Joe into the corner. Seth goes to the top turnbuckle, but Joe catches him and drops him right on his knees. He follows with a kneebar in an effort to make Rollins tap out but they don’t quite cinch it in. Joe has to break the hold when Rollins gets to the ropes but Seth holds his knee. Joe hits a powerbomb which he rolls into a half crab. Rollins is right in front of the ropes until Joe pulls him into the middle of the ring and turns the hold into a cloverleaf. Seth barely makes it to the ropes.

Rollins hits a sling blade out of nowhere, but he is unable to make the pin because of his knee. Seth catches Joe with a blockbuster from the middle rope for a two count. Rollins avoids a senton and hits a superkick, but Joe kicks out at two. Rollins gets Joe on his shoulders for the running powerbomb, but his knee gives out. He manages to hit the Falcon’s Arrow, but he still can’t keep Joe down for the three.

Rollins hits a frog splash, but his knee forces him to delay the cover, allowing Joe to kick out. They trade a series of strikes until Joe goes for the Coquina Clutch. Rollins kicks off the turnbuckle and covers him, but Joe kicks out. The Destroyer turns Rollins inside out with a kick before applying The Coquina Clutch again. Joe falls to his back and Rollins rolls him over and gets a sneaky roll-up victory!

Winner: Seth Rollins

A surprise win for Seth and Joe looks pissed. A decent match but a little too similar to Seth’s WrestleMania match with Triple H.

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