WWE Payback 2017 Results – April 30 2017

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House of Horrors Match
Bray Wyatt Vs. Randy Orton

Randy arrives outside of Bray’s house, which is a big blue-lighted barn. He walks towards the building and light flickers on upstairs. Randy continues walking and a tractor drives past, with no-one on it. Randy looks in the window of the house and sees Bray standing in the kitchen area.

Randy bursts into the house, then wanders around, looking Bray. Eventually Bray attacks Randy from behind and beats him in a living room. Bray throws Randy into a lamp and it smashes. Randy hits bray with a small lamp and he stumbles backwards. Randy gets up and he is alone again, so he walks through the next door and down a long thin hallway. As he’s walking an arm crashes through the wall and starts choking Randy, which he fights off. Randy comes to the next room, which has a crib and a plethora of creepy dolls handing from the ceiling.

Randy looks around at the dolls before Bray randomly attacks him again. The two get separated again before Randy finds himself in the living room again. Randy screams for Bray to come out and makes his way to a dining room, where he flips the table. The next room is small and red, with a pagan structure erected in the centre. Randy moves on to the kitchen, where Bray attacks again. Bray looks to hit Randy with a saucepan but he dodges it and beats Bray down, slamming him into the fridge before pummelling him. Orton then looks to hit Bray with a frying pan but Bray kicks him away. Bray puts Randy on the ground, then topples the fridge over onto him.

Bray stumbles out of the kitchen and into the living room. Wyatt comes to the front door and screams at it a few times before walking outside and falling to his knees. He shouts to follow the buzzards and suddenly the house goes from being blue, to red and Bray laughs. He stumbles along and climbs into the car Orton arrived in. Bray tells the driver to take him to the arena, while he sits back and sings.

This match/segment is set to continue.

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