WWE Payback 2017 Results – April 30 2017

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Cruiserweight Championship Match

(C) Neville Vs. Austin Aries

Aries and the King circle each other before locking up. Neville backs Aries to the corner and makes a clean break, playing mind games with Aries by not taking the cheap shot. Aries hits an arm drag to get the first takedown. They go back and forth with amateur wrestling and counters until Aries hits a dropkick to force Neville to the corner. Aries heads to the top, but Neville kicks the rope and knocks him down.

Neville walks into a bionic elbow. Aries lands a topé into the ring. Neville rolls to the outside. Aries springboards to the outside onto Neville. Aries rolls Neville back into the ring. Aries climbs up top for the 450 but Neville dropkicks Aries legs, crotching him on the top rope. Neville stomps Aries in the corner. Neville whips Aries into the corner, hard. Neville locks in a side headlock. Aries tries to fight out of it but Neville slams him face first to the mat.

Neville hits a missile dropkick off the top. Neville jaws with the crowd as Aries is writhing in pain on the mat. As Neville has his back turned Aries dropkick Neville off the second rope. Neville is sent careening to the outside. Neville tries to get back in the ring.

Aries grabs him for a suplex but Neville reverses it. Aries hits the STO into the pendulum backbreaker. basement back elbow off the top by Aries for a near fall. Neckbreaker on the middle rope by Aries. Neville falls to the outside. Heat seeking missile by Aries. Aries tries to lock in the last chancery but Neville fights out of it. Aries misses the discus five-arm. Neville kicks Aries in the gut. Aries grabs Neville and hits a knee breaker into a back suplex. Neville stumbles into the corner.

Aries lands a running elbow in the corner. Aries sets up the 450. Neville gets to his feet. Neville hops up to the top rope but Aries knock him down. Aries locks in the last chancery. Neville is trying desperately to get to the ropes. Neville is trapped. Neville grabs the official’s shirt and pulls him down to the mat. The referee has no choice but to call for the bell.

Winner Via Disqualification: Austin Aries

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