WWE Payback 2017 Results – April 30 2017

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Payback Kick-Off Show

The WWE Payback 2017 pre-show opens with our panel of Renee Young, Jerry Lawler and Sam Roberts. Charly Caruso is in the social media lounge and she invites us to use the #WWEPayback to start talking on social media. Later in the show, Sheamus and Cesaro will answer some social media questions.

The panel very quickly discuss Kevin Owens Vs. Chris Jericho, then Anderson & Gallows Vs. Enzo & Big Cass. They basically just make quick predictions as to who they think will win both matches before moving on.

Sasha Banks has joined the panel and she’s wearing Bayley’s new shirt. Renee asks what the reaction has been to Alexa Bliss and Mickie James coming to Raw. Sasha says she’s excited to have Mickie here because she is a 6-time Women’s Champion, so she can learn a lot. However Alexa isn’t quite as great. She says Alexa wants to be in the title picture but runs away every something starts. Sam asks Sasha if it’s be design that everytime someone mentions Bayley or the Women’s title, they also mention her, to which Sasha asks if Sam is implying anything. She says she just has Bayley’s back is all and they are so close.

Jerry Lawler calls Alexa a small package of dynamite and says she wants to start a 3rd title reign and nothing will stop her. Sasha says Bayley will prove herself tonight again. Sasha says she is going with Hug Life and predicts a Bayley win, meanwhile Lawler thinks it’s time for Bliss. Roberts thinks Bayley because of how influential Sasha has been so far.

We see a video hyping the match between Seth Rollins and Samoa Joe. Sam says that after Seth’s first injury, he came back on fire. Now the question is whether or not he still has that fire and we will find out tonight. Lawler says beating Triple H was a defining moment for Seth but tonight he faces a guy who will stop at nothing to exploit his weaknesses. Renee plays Devil’s advocate and asks what happens to Joe if he fails tonight, will he still be HHH’s enforcer. Roberts reckons Rollins losing tonight will detract from his win at WrestleMania. All three of the panel predict that Seth will defeat Samoa Joe tonight.

Enzo & Big Cass Vs. Anderson & Gallows

As soon as the bell ring Enzo jumps on Anderson and lands multiple punches to Anderson’s face. Enzo dances then punts Anderson in the face. Enzo pushes Anderson into the corner. Anderson catches Enzo with a knee. Anderson tags in Gallows, who chokes Enzo on the bottom rope.

Anderson tags in and works a standing arm bar on Enzo. Enzo manages to roll up Anderson but as Anderson hits the rope he tags in Gallows. The referee ignores the pin because Enzo is no longer the legal man. Gallows gets in the ring and arm breakers Enzo. Gallows and Anderson are putting some serious work in on Enzo’s arm.

Enzo catches Gallows with a spinning DDT. Enzo almost tags Big Cass but Anderson cuts him off once again. Anderson looks to land an axe handle on Enzo in the corner but Enzo gets his boot up. Enzo dives to tag in Big Cass, but Gallows pulls Big Cass off the apron. Enzo crawls through Anderson’s legs to finally tag in Big Cass.

Cass clears the ring, then hits the Empire Elbow on Gallows! Big Cass splashes Gallows in the corner. Big Cass tries again but Anderson pulls Gallows out of the way. Enzo blind tags himself in. Anderson boot Enzo off the apron. Anderon and Gallows bring Enzo back into the ring and set up the magic killer. Big Cass breaks it up with a big boot. Enzo manages to roll-up Anderson for the win.

Winners: Enzo Amore & Big Cass

We see Matt and Jeff Hardy backstage, talking about their game-plan for the tag team titles match tonight. R-Truth and Goldust walk-in and start talking about old times. They say the Hardy’s have injected the tag division with some much-needed enthusiasm and excitement. They say they would like a match with Matt and Jeff, and Matt says it would be “tremendous”, before laughing maniacally. It seems BROKEN Matt is just around the corner.

We see Sheamus and Cesaro in the social media lounge. Charly asks them what their strategy is tonight, to which Cesaro says “winning”. They joke about not having a strategy. Next, she asks how they feel considering the Hardy Boyz have been tagging for so much longer. Cesaro says that might mean they are sick of each other. Sheamus says it’s awesome that they are back and they themselves love the competition, but the Boyz are just a nostalgia act. And finally, they’re asked who the better athlete is between them, to which they don’t answer because they are a team and there will be no dissension. Although Sheamus says he is better in passing, then Cesaro says it’s him, and they end by agreeing they are the two top athletes in WWE.

We treated to a video package for the House of Horror’s match between Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton. The match will begin in Bray’s House of Horror’s but it has to finish in the ring by pinfall or submission. Sam and Lawler agree that Orton is at a huge disadvantage tonight, considering this is Bray’s match. Renee doesn’t ask them for predictions because she says it would be impossible to guess what we will see tonight.

Miz TV

The Miz and Maryse make their way to the ring for Miz TV. The fans boo and Miz waits for them to finish before welcoming us to the show. Miz then invites his guest to the ring, Finn Balor!

The fans chant for Finn when he gets into the ring. The Miz tells them to stop, then complains that Balor’s entrance takes too long. The fans cheer and Finn smiles with the Too Sweet sign. Finn says this is the Balor Club, to which Miz asks if he and Maryse can join. Finn says it isn’t up to him, it’s a Club decision. He opens the floor to the fans, who boo Miz but cheer for Maryse. Miz says they don’t want to be a part of Finn’s stupid club.

The Miz says he did his homework and he knows all about Finn Balor. Miz says that before coming to WWE, Finn was a Champion everywhere he went; Europe, Japan, NXT – where he was the longest-reigning in history. He then says Finn was a first-round draft pick but looking back now, does he consider himself a failure. Balor says if you consider a failure someone who dislocates their shoulder, tears their pec, bicep and shoulder mucsles, then finishes the match to become the first-ever WWE Universal Champion, then yes he is a failure. Miz says he was Champion for 24 hours, and if that isn’t a failure, he doesn’t know what is.

Miz calls the fans failures and says they all relate to Finn because of that. Miz calls Balor weak and small. Miz says is the past 9 months, he raised SmackDown from the depths of obscurity and held the Intercontinental Championship above his head, meanwhile Finn couldn’t even lift his arm. He asks Finn what he came back for, to which Balor replies, “my title”. Miz laughs and asks if Finn is aware that Brock Lesnar is the Universal Champion. He says Brock will crush Finn, hell, even he would wipe the floor with Balor.

Finn says he’s been facing bigger men his entire career and he’s fine with the odds. Finn stands up and says the way he sees it, there’s two clubs Miz can join: the Balor Club, which he cannot join, and the Finn Balor just kicked my ass club. Finn takes off his jacket and Miz puts Maryse in front of him. Finn says that every episode of Miz TV ends with him getting his ass kicked. He says today he will be the bigger man, because Miz isn’t worth it. Balor turns around and his music plays. Miz shouts for it to stop and says Finn can’t turn his back on him, he will injure Balor all over again. Finn turns and hits the Slingblade on Miz! The Miz scrambles to his feet but Balor hits him with a front dropkick into the corner, where Maryse pulls him from the ring. Finn poses with the fans as we return to the pre-show panel.

The panel quickly talk about Braun Strowman against Roman Reigns, then do a rundown of the entire card. Sam says that if anyone can beat Strowman, it’s Roman. He reminds us that Roman did beat Braun, but the Monster Among Men just keeps getting stronger. Renee says that she isn’t sure anyone can stop Braun right now. That’s it for the Payback pre-show, onto the main card!

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