WWE Monday Night Raw Results – April 24 2017

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Alexa Bliss takes to the ring. She begins by talking about how many performers talk about how it’s their dream to join the WWE and then says she nearly puked while saying that. She then says she is here to fight and not talk. The hugger has heard enough!

Bayley begins by saying that she knows when she’s being made fun of and adds that she will hold on to her belt and her dream regardless. Bliss then talks about how Payback is in Bayley’s hometown and adds that she is going to love beating her up in front of her father.

She then tells Bayley that come Sunday she will become the Women’s champion and shatter all of the hugger’s dreams. As she says that, Sasha’s music goes off and the Boss walks down the ramp. Banks begins by calling Bliss a troll and says that she can’t just show up and act like she owns the place after cheating to win last week. She then goes on to say that she is going to shut Bliss up right now.

Bliss then tells Sasha that she’s going to Angle right now to stop the match that’s been booked for tonight. As she exits the ring, Banks tells her that she has something to make her feel better, and slams her to the mat with a right hand. These two are going to have a match next, and Bayley is going to join the commentary team.

*Commercial Break*

Alexa Bliss Vs. Sasha Banks

Bliss begins with a kick to the gut and throws Sasha down by grabbing her hair. Bliss then stomps Banks until she eventually works her way to her feet and hits Bliss to the gut with a few right hands of her own.

After a bit of back and forth, Bliss gains control and beats Banks up in the corner until the Boss locks in the Banks Statement. Bliss rolls out of the ring and backs away down the ramp as the ref counts to ten.

Winner Via Count-Out: Sasha Banks

Bayley who is in commentary chases after Bliss and drags her by the hair back to the ring. Bliss fights away and runs to the back. As Bayley faces the ring, Bliss attacks her from behind.

Ambrose asks Jericho to take him off the list and Y2J says that he can’t. Dean tells him that the jacket he gave him is from Paris and this impresses Jericho enough to make him take Ambrose off the list. Ambrose is pumped after that and slaps Jericho to the back a few times as he hypes Y2J. However, Jericho adds him once again as he leaves.

*Commercial Break*

As Slater and Curtis Axel are being interviewed about The Marine 5, the Miz asks one them if they want to tag with him and asks them to fight about it amongst themselves. Neither of them is too keen to do it and Rhyno dumps his plate on Maryse. However, the Miz finally receives a note and a tag-team partner.

Apollo Crews Vs. Curt Hawkins

Crews begins with a giant drop kick and then gets him into a headlock. Hawkins, however, regains control with a sidewalk slam. He then flings Crews onto the ropes only to be greeted with a drop kick. Crews continues to slam Hawkins with kicks and finishes it with another drop kick and a power bomb.

Winner: Apollo Crews

After the match, Titus O’Neil comes down and celebrates with Apollo, who looks confused. Titus takes a selfie with Apollo and tries to hold his hand up.

After the break we will get an update on Kalisto’s condition and look at Roman Reigns Vs. Braun Strowman!

*Commercial Break*

We see footage of Braun’s demolition over the past few weeks.

Angle and Aries are walking backstage, Aries is eating a banana. They discuss the main event on 205 Live tomorrow, after which the GM meets the Miz. Angle asks Miz if he’s found a partner yet and the Awesome one says he has, a really great one.

Ambrose and Jericho come to the ring for their match. The Miz also comes to the ring, accompanied by Maryse. The Miz cockily introduces his partner…

Chris Jericho & Dean Ambrose Vs. The Miz & ???

Jericho grabs the Miz and chest slaps him until Ambrose joins him and clotheslines him into the corner.  They knock Miz out of the ring and we’re left wondering about his partner as we head to commercial.

*Commercial Break*

Ambrose is in control and Y2J jumps off the top rope and right onto the Miz. Jericho then slams the Miz onto the mat and drags him to the ropes in front of Maryse. He then shoves his knees on the Miz’s head and tags Ambrose in. Dean jumps from the third rope and lands right on the Miz’s gut.

The Miz pleads with Ambrose and extends his arm but Ambrose just continues to gesture until he is slapped in the face. Miz runs out of the ring and Ambrose follows right into a kick. He then slams him once again outside the ring and has him in a choke hold right after that.

The Miz looks like he’s in control and unleashes Bryan’s signature yes kicks. Dean then goes for the quick cover and slams the Miz to the mat with a clothesline. He then tags Jericho who clears house. Jericho jumps off the top rope and then hits a running bulldog and a Lionsault. Jericho hits Miz with a dropkick which sends him flying out of the ring and down the ramp.

Ambrose gets Miz on the Announcer’s desk and looks like he’s about to finish things when the lights go off and Bray Wyatt appears on the table! Wyatt attacks Dean, then takes him out with a Sister Abigail onto the LED screen at the entrance. Bray then almost goes after Miz who pleads with him. He is then ambushed by Jericho but is rescued by Miz.

Wyatt then takes the action to the ring and hits Jericho with a Sister Abigail. After he’s done clearing house, Wyatt waits and then hits the Miz too with the Sister Abigail to finish the show.

No Contest

Wyatt stands tall to close out the show. What did you think of tonight’s Raw? Let us know in the comments and be sure to come back here tomorrow night for SmackDown Live and 205 Live! Until next time, safe travels!

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