WWE Monday Night Raw Results – April 24 2017

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A dumpster is wheeled out to ringside, and Braun Strowman comes to the ring.

Braun begins by saying that he thinks that everyone in the crowd is trash and then concludes by letting us know that he when he puts Kalisto in the dumpster it’s like putting all of us in there too.

Dumpster Match
Braun Strowman Vs. Kalisto

Kalisto begins with a kick and evades the big man to land another. He then rolls through Braun’s legs and flips into yet another kick. He is almost thrown off but remains on the apron and lands another kick.

Kalisto takes to the top rope but jumps right into Strowman who flings him into the mat. He then clobbers him with a clothesline which Strowman finishes with a stomp to the chest. Strowman looks to throw Kalisto into the ring but he fights back and it looks like Braun might fall in.

However, Strowman just picks him up right after and slams him onto the mat again. A punt kick and an earth-shattering clothesline give Braun the momentum yet again. Strowman lifts Kalisto and throws him towards the dumpster but the Luch fights just enough to survive. Despite being lifted up right after Kalisto fights him off yet again. Strowman ends up on the apron, then, in completely shocking fashion, Kalisto dropkick’s Strowman who falls off the apron and into the dumpster!

Winner: Kalisto

An enraged Strowman, picks Kalisto up by his neck and slams him on to the mat.The action spills outside the ring and Strowman destroys Kalisto before placing him inside the dumpster and wheeling it up the ramp. Strowman proceeds to do this:

Pretty tame by the last few weeks standards but still kinda cool!

*Commercial Break*

We return from commercial and Kalisto is being put onto a stretcher by medical officials.

Bray Wyatt appears on screen, and he tells us that some wounds never heal but fester. He says that the house of horrors match is the deepest darkest prison for his mind and soul and then says that he will use Randy’s pain and suffering to rise again.

Dana Brooke Vs. Alicia Fox

Foxy begins with a quick cover and looks strong as Emma walks down the ramp. Fox has Dana in a hold until she is thrown onto the ring post and clotheslines her.

We see Emma walking down the ramp, watching the match. Back inside the ring, Dana tries to kick Fox after a cartwheel kick but Alicia puts her knees up in time. However, Dana finally finishes it with a Michinoku Driver.

Winner: Dana Brooke

Emma comes into the ring afterwards and hugs Dana before leaving.

Charly Caruso interviews Samoa Joe and The Club backstage. Joe says he will destroy Seth Rollins at Payback but tonight he and The Club will take on Rollins along with Enzo & Big Cass. Gallows and Anderson make fun of Enzo and Cass, then the three do the ‘Too Sweet’ sign as we head to a commercial.

Enzo and Cass come out and do their usual shtick. Out of nowhere, Anderson and Gallows blindside the boys. Cass is knocked over the barricade and Enzo gets knocked-out with the Magic Killer on the ground. Rollins and Big Cass return and tend to Enzo as Anderson and Gallows retreat.

*Commercial Break*

We return to see all five guys in the ring, with Enzo taken away. Kurt Angle comes out and introduces Seth and Cass’ partner:

Samoa Joe, Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows Vs. Seth Rollins, Big Cass & Finn Balor

Cass has control in the beginning and tags in Seth, who dives right in. Balor is then tagged in and so is Joe. Joe grabs Balor and ragdolls him. After a stint of domination, Anderson is tagged in.

Anderson gets Balor in a submission hold until he tags in Gallows. The ring is sliced in half and Balor is kept away from his partners. Gallows finds the time to kick Cass off the apron.

Both men finally make the tag and Anderson runs in to face Rollins. Rollins hits Anderson with a slingblade and an Enzuguri. Meanwhile, Cass slams Gallows off the apron with a huge boot.

Rollins then dives through the ropes onto Joe and Anderson. As he looks to complete the match, Rollins holds Anderson in position for a pedigree but then changes his mind. Rollins kicks Anderson away, then grabs him by the arm from behind, whips him out and knee’s him in the chin.

Winners: Seth Rollins, Finn Balor & Big Cass

Not feeling that new finisher from Rollins, doesn’t look like a move that would end a match and has no oomph. I miss the curb stomp.

We see Alexa Bliss walking to the ring as we head to another break.

*Commercial Break*

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