Reason Why WWE Nixed The Rock vs. Roman Reigns Match


During the mailbag segment of Wrestling Observer Radio today, Dave Meltzer revealed that there were plans a while back to have Roman Reigns face The Rock at WrestleMania.

Meltzer said that because of the injury The Rock suffered in his match against John Cena, plans for a match against Reigns were called off. WWE planned to shoot the angle but ever since The Rock suffered an injury on WWE’s watch, it’s been difficult to work out anything because of his heavy filming schedule and the fear that he may get hurt again.

Meltzer mentioned that The Rock wanted to do the match and was geared to do it but indicated that the unlikely that the match will take place anytime soon. The Rock’s involvement at last year’s WrestleMania is about as much as the company can get out of The Rock in terms of getting physical at the annual event.

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