Impact is in Orlando, Florida tonight to tape several episode of Impact Wrestling. Due to the matches not being taped in order, it is unknown exactly when these matches will air. Here are the results:

* It’s announced that the Team Josh vs. Team Jermey Borash match will have a stipulation. If Josh’s team doesn’t win, he will have to leave the Impact announce table. JB & Josh argue again after JB announces an Autograph Party for after the show which Josh cancels. Chris Adonis comes down & gets up in Josh’s face.

* Alberto El Patron defeated Jon Bolen. After the match, Patron calls out Lashley afterwards but he doesn’t answer.

* The JB & Josh Draft hosted by Bruce Pritchard – They have a coin toss to decide the first pick, which Josh wins. His first pick is Lashley, Borash pick’s El Patron. Josh picks The Chesterfield Plague Bram. JB picks off the roster & selects Chris Adonis. Josh picks Eli Drake. Tyrus comes out & Pritchard gets up in his face. Tyrus is the last member & the team attacks 4 on 1. The final team member of JB’s is Matt Morgan.


* The surprise 4th team member turns out to be the return of Magnus. Matt Morgan comes out & cleans house until the numbers game catches up to him.

* Reno Scum vs. Garza Jr. & Laredo Kid vs. Decay. Reno gets the win with the double team curb stomp & double Stomp.

* Xplosion: Mahabali Shera defeated Fallah Bahh.

* Something To Wrestle with Bruce Pritchard: The fans vote that James Storm will face Bobby Lashley for the Impact World Title. Storm’s music & video plays but is quickly cut off by EC3. Ethan says read it again, Bruce again says James Storm. He says the system is rigged. Bruce says the decision should be in the hands of the people. Bruce gives a suggestion, Ethan needs to look in the mirror & ask yourself what happened to EC3. Then ask about the loss to Patron & how you lost. You didn’t just lose, you tapped out. Did I tap out in a match or did I tap out on myself? Ethan thanks Bruce.

* Laurel promised revenge on Braxton & Allie for Braxton leaving her at the altar.

* KM & Sienna vs. Braxton Sutter & Allie. Allie off the middle caught by Sienna. She trips over KM on the mat for the pin. Kongo Kong comes out to the ring. Braxton gets decimated with a Samoan Drop. Kong hits the cannonball on the corner & Sienna tells him to leave. Drunk Laurel from the back. Allie gets hit with the AK-47 & laid out as Laurel pounds away on Allie. Sienna has to pull Laurel off & tells her to hold yourself together. KM, Kongo Kong, Laurel & Sienna leave as Braxton checks on Allie in the ring. Braxton carries Allie to the back after the new group exits ringside.

* Andrew Everett vs. Marshe Rockett vs. Suicide vs. Gregory Shane Helms. Everett hit the Shooting Star Press on Rockett for the win. Lee runs out at the end & they double team Everett. Everett hits a Rana on Lee & Helms powders.

* Davey Richards(w/ Angelina Love) vs. DJZ. Davey hits the Pop Up Kick into an Ankle Lock to get the win. Eddie Edwards runs out but is stopped by a lot of security. Alisha comes out & goes after Angelina. They fight as security hold back Davey in ring & Eddie on the floor. Eddie breaks free & he brawls with Davey momentarily until security separates them yet again. Davey round kicks a security guy at ringside then leaves the ringside area to the back.

* Patron & Morgan & Magnus & Adonis VS. Lashley & Bram & Drake & Tyrus. The match ends when Morgan hits the Carbon Footprint and then Magnus hit the top rope elbow to get the win for Borash. The baby face locker room comes out to celebrate. Patron gets everyone to chant Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Goodbye to Josh. Josh walked to the back & everyone celebrates. This concludes the tapings.

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