Impact is in Orlando, Florida tonight to tape several episode of Impact Wrestling. Due to the matches not being taped in order, it is unknown exactly when these matches will air. Here are the results:

* Karen Jarrett kicks off this set of tapings. Karen brings up Maria’s nervous breakdown leaving the company. She won’t tolerate bullying in her Knockouts locker room & calls out Sienna. Karen hasn’t heard one positive thing about Sienna from the locker room to backstage to the boys. She doesn’t tolerate bullying. Sienna blames Allie for telling her this. Sienna got here on her own merits & class, not because of who she married. They go face to face. Karen gives Sienna 15 seconds to apologize to her face. Kevin Matthews shows up & announced Sienna is his cousin. Going by KM now. KM says you have 15 seconds to apologize to Sienna & his family. Counts down & here comes Braxton Sutter & Allie. Braxton clears KM out of the ring. Karen makes KM VS. Braxton for later in the night.

* Andrew Everett defeats DJZ. Helms and Lee come out. Next week Everett will have an opportunity.

* JB Interview with Rosemary. JB asks who’s left to defeat. Rosemary took care of everyone, the rest should accept the inevitable Decay. ODB interrupts to introduce herself to Rosemary. Toasts to her. Soon she will become 5 Time Knocked Up Champ. Rosemary says you consider yourself worthy but then give disagrees. Bye bye. Knockouts Locker Room stops her including Madison, MJ, Sia, Rebel, ACR, Brandi & K.C. They all end up brawling. ODB & Rosemary fight to the back as we hear the music & everyone powders leaving K.C., MJ & Brandi. Madison hid by Josh the whole segment.


* EC3 comes out and says he’s here to apologize to Karen for losing his cool. He looks forward to making Impact great. He says he wasn’t happy with the man he’s been becoming. Impact is changing and so should he. He needs to be the real EC3. He will not rest until he’s an EC 3 Time World Champion. James Storm comes out in DCC black & white but acting like the Cowboy of old. Storm didn’t hear his name and wants to know why. He’s not a multiple time champion so he wasn’t mentioned. Storm built Impact. In 2002 he was on the first pay per view. Storm says he wants to be World champ once again. Next challenger should be decided by the people. They play to the fans.

* It’s announced that a KO Gauntlet will take place next week to crown new number one contender.

* KM defeated Sutter with a power bomb into a backstabber. Sutter/Allie get upper hand in post-match skirmish. Drunk Laurel comes out on the ramp and scream I hate you at Allie/Sutter.

* New tag champs will be crowned next.

* LAX defeated Decay, Reno Scum and Garza Jr/Laredo Kid to become the new Impact Tag-Team Champions!

* Eli Drake defeated Caleb Konley.

* Bruce Prichard comes out and talks about how he is sick of JB/Josh bickering. Going to have JB/Josh pick teams (4 guys). Next week they fight.

* KO Contendership Gauntlet is up now. Final 4 are MJ, Brandi Rhodes, ODB, and Madison Rayne. ODB wins by eliminating Madison Rayne.

* James Storm is back as a cowboy again. He cuts a promo. Kingston/Bram interrupt Storm. Kingston calls Storm a carny liar. Storm says they had agreement but it went off course. Kingston says all about Storm. Kingston spits in Storm’s face. Storm superkicks Kingston and Bram!

* Davey Richards vs. Eddie Edwards in a last man standing match is announced.

* Rockett vs. Everett vs. Suicide. Everett pins Rockett.

* Last Man Standing: Davey Richards(w/ Angelina Love vs. Eddie Edwards. Eddie’s wife is in the front row interacting with Davey and Angelina. Brutal match so far. Davey defeats Eddie. Eddie is helped to the back.

* The dark segment saw The Pope beat up Josh Mathews.

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