Vince McMahon Reportedly Doesn't Believe Finn Balor Is Over Enough for Brock Lesnar Match

Vince McMahon Reportedly Doesn’t Believe Finn Balor Is Over Enough for Brock Lesnar Match

Dave Meltzer reported on today’s installment of Wrestling Observer Radio that plans for Finn Balor to challenge Brock Lesnar for the Universal Title at The Royal Rumble have been changed.

Meltzer received word that WWE changed plans Monday morning and were talking about it on Sunday as well. Vince McMahon apparently doesn’t feel that Balor is over enough to have a match with Lesnar at The Rumble and that is the reason Balor was put in a match against Samoa Joe and didn’t come out on top.

Meltzer indicated that WWE could book Lesnar to face Braun again at The Royal Rumble but the problem is that we have already seen that match and the company doesn’t want to make Strowman look weak with another loss to Lesnar. Meltzer said that WWE is “scrambling” for an opponent for Lesnar and plans are “up in the air” right now.


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  • Timothy Lites

    Finn faced joe not Braun

  • Possible

    If you’re just having brock beat everyone till roman, than who really even cares?

  • George DE ANIMAL

    Finn is on his way out!! Back to NJPW, This should come out soon!
    My buddy in NYC knows Fergil, he asked for his release last night.
    I am not lying!!!!! Unless something huge happens don’t think we
    will see Finn again in wwe. Shame, all vince’s fault too.That old man used to
    be a genius, now he’s fucking over top talent. He needs to retire!
    Joe already asked to wrestle finn next week & let finn go over, but
    if he gets released it won’t happen. BTW, Miz to smackdown soon.

    • X@nthu$ G0ldm@n

      Proof? I legit want to know

      • George DE ANIMAL

        I only know what he told me by phone.
        He, like a lot of our friends are in the know, he’s
        only been wrong once when Banks didn’t
        leave. But apparently things are not good
        for Finn, he wants a Universal title re-match
        for the longest time. He was promised another
        run upon his return, that never happened.
        So last night on Raw was the final straw.
        I don’t know when his contract is up, but the
        way joe won says a LOT!! I believe my buddy
        on this one for sure.

        • Possible

          Wouldn’t be that surprised. All that’s really being said is, wwe is under valuing talent and not keeping promises. How’s this any different from any other Monday?

  • Ket Sumpter

    I could see The Miz as Lesnar’s opponent due to his dropping the IC title last night. The verbal barbs between Miz and Heyman would be entertaining.

  • cdogg7184

    And this is why Vince just needs to go home and let trip run the company

  • Sinister Marketing®

    Cause it’s true ..

  • ScottyPNR

    Does he not watch his own product?

  • Johnny D

    Balor is way down the card if he left WWE no one would notice or care. He will never get over Reigns or Lesnar or Strowman.

  • Damon Hill

    you had him lose to Kane a few weeks ago, then say he isn’t over

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