Jinder Mahal Has Been Champion Longer Than These Superstars

Jinder Mahal Has Been Champion Longer Than These Superstars

Against all odds (and reason), Jinder Mahal successfully defended the WWE Championship against Shinsuke Nakamura. His reign is now clocking in at nearly 150 days. To put that into perspective, that’s around 5 months. Most title reigns nowadays last around 3. Think about that for a bit.

Mahal is now the 25th longest-reigning WWE Champion in history. He’s held the title longer than the superstars below.


Dean Ambrose (84 Days)

Many were shocked when Dean Ambrose won the Money in the Bank Contract in 2016. Even more were shocked when he cashed in that same night on Seth Rollins to win the title. He walked away victorious from a Shield Triple Threat. He vanquished Dolph Ziggler at Summerslam. Finally, he was dethroned by AJ Styles at Backlash, the first Smackdown exclusive PPV since 2007.

Ambrose’s memorable reign clocks in at around 3 months long. Many would have preferred him to hold the title longer, but Styles was red-hot, and him dropping the title to Styles was a good move that cemented the latter as a top guy. Ideally, that’s how title changes should work.

At any rate, Jinder Mahal has held the title nearly twice as long as Ambrose has, and lord knows when Ambrose will be back on Smackdown.



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  • Ryborg

    Hail the Modern Day Maharadja, longest WWE reign since Seth Rollins and I think he’ll be the longest Smackdown WWE Champ ever, when he’ll lose the title at WM!

    • Mike

      These bitches need to bow down to The Modern Day Maharaja!!!!

      • Christopher Davis

        Lmfao 😂

        • Mike

          Ah, yes. Young Christopher, I’ve missed you buddy.

  • Jamie Henry

    I came here expecting racist comments. So glad to see otherwise. CONGRATS CHAMP

    • Kaiser

      Why would you expect that? A ton of people may dislike Mahal’s title reign because it’s completely political and solely done to promote WWE’s expansion into India (meanwhile Indian fans can’t stand Mahal ironically), but I’ve never seen anyone here say racist remarks about it.

    • Omar

      Agreed with Kaiser. Haven’t seen any racism regarding Jinder — just jobber-related remarks and perfectly valid reasons for criticizing this push to the moon.

      And if you’re coming here expecting to see the worst in people and just looking for excuses to get worked up — you’re in the comments section for all the wrong reasons.

  • Michael Bartlett


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