Bischoff on Wrestling Recap - Bobby Heenan's Passing, Hulk Hogan's Loyalty in WCW, Will The Rock be the Next President? More!

Bischoff on Wrestling Recap – Bobby Heenan’s Passing, Hulk Hogan’s Loyalty in WCW, Will The Rock be the Next President? More!

Bischoff is joined on today’s show by his co-host Nick Hausman.

Bischoff was sad to hear of Bobby Heenan’s passing this past weekend. He says that while he and Heenan weren’t overly close, he loved his time working with him. He also says that anytime one of your peers passes away, it’s a sobering experience.

He says that when Heenan came into WCW from WWE, that was a big adjustment for him. Heenan was accustomed to working for a well oiled machine in WWE, and even though WCW was growing and improving, they were far from perfect. Bischoff thinks Heenan looked at working for WCW as a bit of a step down at that point in his career, and Gene Okerlund felt the same way.

Nonetheless, Bischoff thinks Heenan really enjoyed his time working in WCW when the product was good, but he certainly became frustrated when the product was bad and Bischoff doesn’t blame him for that at all. He says that he’s very grateful to have spent some time with Heenan a couple of years ago at a convention, and even though Heenan’s body was failing, he still loved getting out and meeting his fans.



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