The Undertaker, known for his iconic presence and legendary career in WWE, has truly accomplished a lot in his career and his contributions to the business speak for themselves. With that said, he has reflected on giving chair shots to wrestlers during his WWE career.

The Deadman has competed against all sorts of opponents over his three-decade-long career and during that time, he had to endure a lot of chair shots to the head while also dishing out the same.

During his Six Feet Under podcast, The Undertaker reflected on his use of chair shots to the head during his WWE career. He clarified that when he swung a chair, he did so without malice and treated everyone equally, regardless of their experience level. At the time, the understanding of head injuries like CTE was limited, and chair shots were a common practice in wrestling.

“In my defense, go back and look at the whole scope of how I swing a chair. I hit everybody the same. There was no malice. There was no, like, ‘Oh, I’m going to try and hurt the greenhorn.’ If you look at all my chair shots when we could hit. Now granted, at the time, we did not know about CTE. And I came up in a generation where that’s how you swung a chair.


The Undertaker addressed rumors that he targeted Kanyon with a chair because of his sexual orientation, denying any knowledge of Kanyon’s sexuality until years later. He emphasized that his chair shots were not motivated by personal factors but were part of his wrestling style.

Reflecting on his own experiences, The Undertaker acknowledged that knowing what we now know about head injuries, he would approach things differently. He emphasized the importance of protecting oneself and others in the ring, especially in light of the increased awareness of the risks associated with head trauma.

And I have been accused and I’m getting a little bit hot about it… I’ve been accused of smashing Kanyon with a chair because he was gay. I didn’t even know he was gay. I didn’t even know until like, years later.… I could careless…but there’s people out there that have created that rumor, ‘Undertaker smashed him.’ Undertaker swung the chair the way Undertaker swung a chair. I didn’t expect anything. If I swung a chair at somebody, the way I swung it, I’d expect the same one back. Watch me and Triple H. He beat the crap out of me. That’s just the way I learned how to swing a chair. [Bruiser] Brody hit me with a chair in my first match that I thought broke my spine. That’s just the way I came up. Knowing now what we do about head injuries. It’s a different deal. I would say, ‘Okay, make sure that you get your hands up.’” 

The Deadman also recently inked new legends deal with WWE, which was expected, so fans can expect him to be part of WWE for a long time. Nevertheless, The Undertaker will always speak up for himself against any false accusations and that’s unlikely to ever change.

Do you believe The Undertaker ever hurt Kanyon intentionally due to his sexuality? Let us know in the comments section below!

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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