A plethora of tag teams have come and gone in the wrestling industry. Some have etched their name in the history books, while some were not enough as a tag team. However, not a lot of tag teams have been able to make a name as big as the TNA duo of Chris Harris and James Storm did. 

Popularly known as America’s Most Wanted, the duo turned out to be one of the greatest tag teams in the promotion’s history. Not only that, but they managed to enhance the tag team division of TNA, after being involved in some of the most exciting rivalries of the generation. 

In recent interview with Steve Fall for Ringside News, Chris Harris gave insights about the formation of the tag team and how they rose to prominence in TNA. The legend revealed that everyone was not very confident in the initial stage. However, the duo used every opportunity they got to the top. 

“People now call it our tryout match, but it was just an event in Nashville where they were doing a test run for TNA, looking at some talent and getting production ready. They were testing out the commentators too. I had been working in Nashville for a while and knew Storm; we had worked against each other locally, and they did have TV. We had a feud going as opponents.”


“For that first show, you have to balance building new stars with established talent. Much of the focus was on the established talent, which makes sense. After Storm and I had our match at that event, Jeff told us they’d be in touch, and that helped. They knew they wanted us but weren’t sure what to do with us. I think Storm was in a random tag match on that first event, and I was in The Gauntlet for the Gold. It was just an introduction to the audience.”

“From there, they told us they wanted to do something with us but weren’t sure what. So, they put us together to see what would happen. That was the way we were taught: when the ball is handed to you, you have to run with it. Whether we thought we might be single stars or not, we decided that if they wanted to put us in a tag team, we were going to be the best tag team there is. So, we got together and used everything we knew.”

While people backstage were less excited about the tag team’s debut, things turned around when the duo started getting attraction from fans.

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Ishaan Rathi

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