Just weeks after tying the knot, Marty Jannetty’s marital bliss has come crashing down. The former wrestling star announced startling divorce, pointing the finger at betrayal by two of his best friends.

The couple’s wedding on May 26, 2024, officiated by Missy Beefcake, wife of WWE Hall of Famer Brutus Beefcake, seemed to promise a new beginning. However, the fairy tale ended abruptly. Marty took to social media to break the news, hinting at deep-seated betrayal but keeping the juiciest details under wraps. His post read:

“It musta been love, but it’s over now… divorce on the way. Got backstabbed by 2 of my best friends… one of them lives here. Not much longer though. PS – it hurts a lil bit but I’m used to hurting with the ladies… no problem, there’s another one waiting.”

When pressed by Facebook user John Nye about potential infidelity, Marty responded with a vague but telling, “lied on me with something you ain’t suppose to lie on.”


Echoing the sentiment of betrayal, Marty agreed with another user, Jason Robar, who commented, “nothing worse than a backstage or a double cross.” Marty responded, “so agreed. I loves them so much, but, gotta turn my back now.”

As the wrestling community comes to terms with this bombshell, all eyes are on Marty to see how he’ll navigate this personal crisis. Stay tuned to Ringside News for more updates as this story develops.

What are your thoughts on Marty Jannetty’s shocking divorce announcement and the betrayal he revealed? How do you think this will affect his future both personally and professionally? Share your opinions and feedback in the comment section below!

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