The evolution of NXT has been evident in its heightened production quality and the influx of talent, marking a significant period of growth for the brand. However, amidst these developments, the status of NXT talent and their involvement in live events on the road has come into question.

While WWE Superstars typically have obligations to travel for live events, it seems that NXT stars may not currently have similar requirements. Corey Brenan, speaking on Fightful Select’s Q&A podcast, disclosed that despite thorough inquiries, no plans for NXT stars to hit the road have been confirmed. If such plans exist, they are being kept confidential, with talent remaining uninformed.

Despite speculation on the matter, there has been no indication that NXT stars will be embarking on the road for live events. Given that many wrestlers are based in Orlando, the logistics of such a transition would require advanced notice to the talent involved.

”I have asked about a lot and I’ve asked a lot. I’ve asked talent production. I’ve asked people close to coaches. I’ve asked people close to producers and not a single person said to me that this is in plans. If it is in plans it’s being kept private and talent is not aware. If they are going on the road, especially so many of these wrestlers based out Orlando that they would need to let them know in advance.”


The debate over whether NXT stars should venture onto the road remains open. While some may argue that exposure to live events could enhance their development and fan interaction, others contend that preserving the brand’s focus on training and televised programming is paramount.

What’s your take on this issue? Should NXT stars be hitting the road for live events, or is their current setup more beneficial? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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